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The Venture Team & The Pitch

No description

Trayan Kushev

on 21 February 2018

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Transcript of The Venture Team & The Pitch

The Venture Team & The Pitch
Professor Kushev
Cal Poly Pomona
The Presentation/Pitch
Organizing the Venture Team
Balance is essential
You want expertise in:
Sales & Marketing
Business Operations
The Founding Team
The Employees
A-level employees are crucial
Prioritize jacks-of-all-trades early on
The Advisory Board
Experienced individuals
Sales & Marketing
Business Operations
Large network
Industry Knowledge
The Legal Organization
The Presentation
10/20/30 Rule

A picture is worth a thousand words!!
Well-defined addressable target market
Effective business model
Strong, committed team
Foundations of a Great Investor Presentation
Outline for the Presentation
1) The Team
2) The Customer & The Problem
3) The Market Opportunity
4) The Solution
5) The Competitive Positioning
6) The Business Model
7) Financial Projections
8) The Go-to-market Strategy
9) The Funding Request & Startup Costs
10) The Exit Strategy
The Elevator Pitch
60-90 second "story" of your business

Capture attention of the investor
Problem from the perspective of the customer
A hypothetical situation could be effective
Customer's current negative outcome creates tension
Your solution to the problem relieves the tension
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