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Untitled Prezi

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Josephine Gylden

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

• We chose this topic because.
• Look in
fashion in the 60s.
Diffrent kinds of
• Marilyn Monroe
• Mary Quant
• Twiggy-our case...theme-
beginning of anorexia
Problem solving

A look at
fashion in the 60s
We chose this topic because
fashion in the

By Caro, Frede ,Gylden
Marilyn Monroe
Mary Quant
Our topics

Alexander Plunkett-Greene
Medal giving by the queen
Son: Born in 1957 Orlando
Mary Quant
Husband and partner
Andy Warhol
Andrew Warhola
August 6, 1928
Real name
Her logo
5 minutes
different kinds of
Kinky boots
urban fashion
The early 60's trends
drainpipe suits
long skirts
behive style
• Real Name: Norma Jean Baker
• Born: 1. june 1926 Los Angeles, USA
• Dead: 5. august 1962 (36 years) Los Angeles, USA

"I was only 166 cm high."
Been named to the sexiest woman of the century and "The best sex object" of Playboy magazine.
The subway scene
I wore a white dress in the 1955 film The Seven Year Itch, directed by Billy Wilder. The dress was created by my friend the costume designer William Travilla and was worn in one of the best-known scenes in the movie. The dress is regarded as an icon of film history and the image of me in the white dress standing above a subway grating blowing the dress up has been described as one of the iconic images of the 20th century
The midt 60's
The mini skirt
Problem solving
Tyra banks
hippie madness turned in to high fashion by the end of the decade
The 60’s was the decade when the focus of fashion became what young people were wearing on the street, rather than what was exhibited in haute- couture fashion shows.
Also, men became much more style-conscious, where previously fashion had been seen as mostly a woman’s concern.
We all are very excited by the fashion world, and we think the 60’s had the most important fashion moments in the 19’s. We know also that some of the fashion we have today were designed in the 60’s
Make your own
Born Febuary 11 1934
Stiletto heels
I had many rumors on of them was that I had an affair with John F. Kennedy
"Kennedy family was involved in my tragic death."
maxi skirt
short skirts under long coats
micro skirt
Jim Dougherty - neighbor boy
Joe DiMaggio- best baseball player
Arthur Miller- author
like mother like daughter
Mary Q
flower power
long hair came to stay
the dreses women wore where designed to emphasize the curves of their hips and bust.
Twiggy / Lesley Hornby
born 19 September 1949,
widely known by the
nickname Twiggy
, is an English model, actress and singer.In the mid-1960s she became a prominent British teenage model of
 swinging sixties London

numerous appearances on television, and my films such as
The Boy Friend (1971), The Blues Brothers (1981) and Madame Sousatzka (1989).
And more recently, I appeared as a judge on
America's Next Top Model.

I dropped out of school around the
age of 15
.Before long, I became one of the world's top models. I had my career breakthrough when I was named the face of 1966 by the Daily Express newspaper. With my
thin build, dramatic eyes
boyish hair style
, I captured the spirit of the "swinging sixties" in London's Carnaby Street mod scene. I soon appeared on the cover of many leading fashion magazines, including Elle and British Vogue.

first models to parlay my success as a model
into other business ventures
. In
, I came to the United States to promote my own clothing line as well as model. The trip also afforded me a chance to work with famed photographer Richard Avedon. I became so popular in America that I even inspired
my own Barbie doll
. More Twiggy merchandise soon followed, including a
board game and
lunch box
. Fans would even copy her distinctive eye look with their own set of
Twiggy fake eyelashes.
cheek bones
uni sex hair
skinny legs
died of an overdose of sleeping pills at my home in Hollywood.
1. it wasn’t just Twiggy that changed the way women should look, but it has been going on for centuries! Women before her were thin too! Looking back further to the corset, women used to pull their wastes in so tight that major damage was done to their organs.
Twiggy- the beginning of anorexia
Brand new trends
The queen
Curvy= sexy
Curvy girls = happy healthy and sexy
Twiggy got in the picture and the girls starts loosing wait
Inesant weight loss
Why dont i look like her
a little fat here and there
our thoughts:
2. but still we think that twiggy started the whole anoraxia thing.. so our conclusion/problem solving is that maybe it would be much better with like more "bigger" models
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