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Healthcare Alliance Meeting

No description

Mari Kay

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Healthcare Alliance Meeting

Why is it a good idea and where can it take us? Northwest Wisconsin
Healthcare Alliance Structure & Scope The Biggest
Benefit of All... Grants What Next? Mari Kay-Nabozny
715.682.9141 THANK YOU! CEO Mari Kay-Nabozny To ensure an abundant supply of healthcare workers in our region now and in the future by working collaborative with all stakeholders. To ensure an abundant supply of healthcare workers in our region now and in the future by working collaborative with all stakeholders. To ensure an abundant supply of healthcare
workers in our region now and in the future
by working in collaboration with all stakeholders. Use of Sub-groups such as...

Purpose: develop a website and communication structure
Job Shadowing
Purpose: develop standardized Job Shadowing
requirements for all healthcare partners
Needs Assessment
Purpose: Assess the specific healthcare labor needs of
the northwest Wisconsin region. Possible Structure Hospitals
Ambulatory Care
Long Term Care Facilities
Home Health Organizations
Public Health
Private Health Clinics
Aging and Disability Resource Centers
Assisted Living Facilities
Any other Healthcare stakeholders Alliance Memebership May Include... Conducted by the Needs Assessment Subgroup
Goal: Collect data regarding the northwest Wisconsin Health Care workforce to guide decision making.

Information is confidential and collected and compiled by a contracted entity

*use the model already used in other areas of the state* Needs Assessment Wisconsin Model Two comprehensive surveys
- Healthcare Retirement
- Departure Intentions Survey
Healthcare Staffing Assessment
Health Information and Lab
Nursing and Pharmacy
Imaging and Therapist
Physicians and Miscellaneous Assess current number of positions staffed and the age ranges of employees.

Assess anticipated staffing level changes over the next 5 years.

A total of 7 occupational clusters and a miscellaneous cluster. Healthcare Staffing Assessment –
Employer Survey If the Alliance identifies that funding is a priority in order to address training and workforce needs then a collaboration is much more appealing in grant applications.

Allliance members and the Northwest Wisconsin Workforce Investment Board can search and/or explore grant opportunities to design and implement systems to address the priorities identified.

An additional sub team can be developed to address grant
related issues. Collaborations Bring Grant Funds State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Grant for the development of the healthcare industry sector in this region

Application in mid-October for a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Health Resources and Services Administration ( H R S A) grant for the development of a healthcare alliance and coalition

H1-B Grant: $4.8 Million for On-The-Job Training for healthcare workers (RNs, OT, PT, Administrators, Managers, Medical & Clinical Lab Tech, Speech Pathologist Current Grant Opportunities Abundant Regional Challenges... Youth leave for employment (brain drain)
Baby Boomers are retiring
Healthcare is the region's largest industry overall
Rising rates of obesity and chronic disease
Oldest and fastest aging region of state
Provider Shortages
Reduced public health budgets Purpose Invite Stakeholders
Complete Initial Information & Interest Form
Set Next Meeting Date
Develop a Formal and Cooperative Structure
Consideration of HRSA grant interest & involvement Build the Alliance
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