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No description

Caitlin Lally

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of DIVERGENT

Events That Transpire
Beatrice Prior
By: Caitlin Lally
The aptitude test (Chapter 2-3)
- Tris finds out she is divergent
The choosing ceremony (Chapter 5)
- Tris chooses Dauntless instead of the faction she was born in, Abnegation
Initiation training part one (Starts Chapter 7)
- Tris' Capture the flag team wins with her stratagey (Chapter 12)
- Tris stands up for Al to Eric during target practice and takes his place for punishment by standing in front of the target (Chapter 13)
Visiting Day (Chapter 15)
- Tris' mother gives her info on her divergence and how to keep it a secret
- Tris' mother tells her to research the simulation serum by getting the info from Caleb her brother in the Erudite faction who is the one making the serum
Edward, an initiate, gets stabbed so Peter and Drew the ones responsible can move up on the score board, no one does anything about it because the Dauntless faction won't care (Chapter 16)
Tris goes to a Dauntless born only zip lining activity with her Dauntless born initiate friends (Chapter 17)
Initiation training part two (Starts Chapter 18)
The Erudite attack Tris' old faction Abnegation and Peter teases Tris about it getting her angry (Chapter 19)
Abnegation Clothes - Dauntless Clothes

Beatrice Prior
Caleb prior (Brother)
Andrew Prior (Father)
Natalie Prior (Mother)
Love Interest
Jeanine (Erudite Leader)
Eric (Dauntless Leader)
Chicago, USA
Post War
"Sticks and stones are never gonna shake me"
-Natasha Bedingfield, Pocket Full Of Sunshine
"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"
-Kelly Clarkson, What Doesn't Kill You
"Everything that drowns me make me wanna fly"
-Onerepublic, Counting Stars
"I'm Bulletproof, nothing to lose"
-David Guetta, Titanium
Song Lyrics:
Give Me Strength
- Champs Ulysses Cabinatan
A Newspaper Article and Picture:
Detroiters recall Maya Angelou's motivation, inspiration
Detroit Free Press, Cassandra Spratling
This is the Japenese symbol for Strength
Social Class and Society
Song Lyrics:
"I wanna see you be brave"
- Sara Bareilles, Brave
"Rising up to the chalenge of our rival"
Survivor, Eye Of The Tiger
What Gives You Courage

- Alisha Ricks
A Newspaper Article and Picture:
Legacy of courage
- Chicago Tribune, Jeffery M. Leving
This symbol is West African for Courage
Song Lyrics:
"I'm a survivor, I'm not gon give up"
-Destiny's Child, Survivor
"Keep holding on, cause you know we'll make it through"
-Avril Lavigne, Keep Holding On
"Filled with catastrophe, but she knows she can fly anyway"
-Alicia Keys, Girl On Fire
Keep On Keeping On
- Michael Sage
A Newspaper Article and Picture:
'Pride' Born Of Perseverance
- Orlando Sentinel, Indigo
This is an African symbol for Perseverance
Song Lyrics:
"Dedicate yourself and you gon' find yourself"
- The Script, Hall Of Fame
"All this time I was finding myself and I didn't know I was lost"
- Avicii, Wake Me Up
"Seek it out and ye shall find"
-Onerepublic, Counting Stars
"This is life before you know who you're gonna be"
-Taylor Swift, Fifteen
I Am Me
- Patrick Neo Mabiletsa
A Newspaper Article and Picture:
Finding their gender identities
- Chicago Tribune, Rex W. Huppke
A thumb print to symbolize that everyone has a unique identity
Man vs. Society
Song Lyrics:
"We are all misfits living on a world on fire"
- Kelly Clarkson, People Like Us
"Wanted to belong here, but something felt so wrong here"
- Kelly Clarkson, Breakaway
"Some things I cannot change, but till I try, I'll never know"
-Idina Menzel, Defying Gravity
Society's Slaves
- Nathan Marmor
A Newspaper Article and Picture:
Victims of bullying live with the consequences for decades, study says
- Los Angeles Times, Karen Kaplan
This is a symbol of society and it shows that if you are different then society will not treat you the same as someone else who is not different.
(Tris vs. The Five Factions)
Sara Bareilles - Brave
Lady Gaga - Born This Way
Christina Perri - Human
Sydney White
Beauty and The Beast
Pretty little Liars
Social class as culture
- Association for Psychological Science
Real Beauty Campaign, Dove
Media Monkey, Concerned Children's Advertisers
Man vs. Self
(Tris vs. Tris)
Fergie - Big Girls Do't Cry
Taylor Swift - A Place In This World
Avicii - Wake Me Up
The Blind Side
Eat, Pray, Love
Garden State
Chasing Life
Drop Dead Diva
The Carrie Diaries
Feeling Lost And How It Can Help Find Yourself
- Juan Arbelaez
How To Find Yourself
- Aastha Dogra
Real Beauty Sketches, Dove
Author Biography
Veronica Roth
Date of Birth:
August 19, 1988, age 25
New York United States
Place of Current Residence:
New York, NY, USA
Secondary Education:
Barrington High School
Post- Secondary Education:
Northwestern University, Carleton College
Divergent (2011), Insurgent (2012), Allegiant (2013)
Awards Won or Nominated
: Won Best Goodreads Author, Nominated Teen Choice Award Book Category
Author of Novels and Short Stories
Events That Transpire Cont.
Four/Tobias finds out about Tris divergence through how she manipulated her simulation during training (Chapter 20)
Tori tells Tris about divergent citizens and what happens to them from her experience with her divergent brother who got killed for it (Chapter 20)
Tris is ranked first after stage two of initiation ends because of her incredible time of getting through her simulations (Chapter 21)
Tris almost gets killed the following night and she knows that it is Peter, Drew, and Al because of their bad rankings they want to get rid of her to move up the score board, she could also smell Al's scent (Chapter 21)
Stage three of initiation (Starts Chapter 23)
-They will face a fear landscape and face each one of the fears the initiates have (Chapter 23)
- The initiates go through one of the instructors fear landscape; Lauren's (Chapter 27)
- The fear of kidnapping Tris was chosen to face of Lauren's fears is to much for her to handle and she stops in the middle of the fear simulation
Al kills himself because Tris would not forgive him for what he did to her (Chapter 24)
Tris goes through Four's fear landscape and realizes that he is called Four because he only has four fears (Chapter 25)
Four/Tobias tells Tris about Erudite's war plans on Abnegation and how they are making a simulation serum to control the Dauntless to use them as soldiers (Chapter 28)
Events That Transpire Cont.
Tris visits her brother Caleb in the Erudite faction (Chapter 28)
- Tris tells Caleb that their mother said to research the simulation serum they are making in Erudite
Tris is taken away by two men in the Erudite faction to speak to the Erudite leader Jeanine (Chapter 28)
- Tris reconizes her voice from her aptitude test and when she overheard Eric talking to someone
- Jeanine tries to get Tris to tell her what she is hiding (Her divergence), but Tris manages to lie and deflect her accusations
Tris finds out Four/Tobias is Divergent (Chapter 31)
Initiation day arrives (Chapter 29)
- Tris goes through her own fear landscape (Chapter 30)
- Tris is ranked first out of all the initiates with a fast time and only seven fears (Chapter 32)
Tris finds out she was injected with the Erudite's simulation serum and not a tracking device from earlier on (Chapter 32)
The war starts and the simulation serum used to control the Dauntless she was injected with does not work on her because she is divergent (Chapter 33)

Events That Transpire Cont.
Rising Action
Tris plays along pretending to be controlled to save her family until Eric is going to shoot Four/Tobias (Chapter 33)
- Tris then stops pretending and aims at Eric with her gun to stop him from shooting Four/Tobias
Tris tries to escape after revealing the serum does not work on her showing herself and Four/Tobias are divergent, but she gets shot in the shoulder and captured by the Dauntless along with Four/Tobias (Chapter 33)
Jeanine reveals her plans to overthrow Abnegation from the government position (Chapter 34)
Jeanine tries a new serum on Four/Tobias that works on divergents, but she sends Tris for execution when she sees that she is injured and has no use to be a soldier (Chapter 34)
Tris is sent to a tank that will fill with water and drown her like one of her worst fears (Chapter 35)
- Tris' mother saves her by shooting the glass and breaking it and tells Tris that the rest of the family is in a safe hiding place in a basement that they need to go to
Tris finds out her mother is divergent and was Dauntless, but switched to another safer faction Abnegation (CHapter 35)
Tris' mother dies by getting shot on their way to safety protecting Tris from Dauntless soldiers that had gained on them (Chapter 35)
Tris fires at incoming soldiers and kills her good friend Will (Chapter 36)
Events That Transpire Cont.
After Tris makes it to the basement she goes to save Four/Tobias back at where the simulation is being controlled only to find Peter awake from the simulation and fire at her (Chapter 37)
- Tris tries to get information out of him on where the control room is
Tris' father dies by also getting shot on their way to the simulation was being controlled (Chapter 37)
Tris fights Four/Tobias that has now become a Dauntless soldier from a different special serum in order to shut down the simulation (Chapter 38)
- She tries to get him back to normal by saying his name repeatedly and even making him hold a gun to her head because killing is one of Four/ Tobias' fears and maybe he will remember who he is if she does that (Chapter 38)
Four/Tobias breaks out of his simulation (Chapter 39)
Four/Tobias takes the data from the simulation control machine (Chapter 39)
Tris, Tobias/Four, Caleb, and Marcus escape the Dauntless compound by train and go to the Amity Compound for safety since they have taken Abnegation's side (Chapter 39)
1. Aptitude Test
2. Choosing Ceremony
3. Initiation Stage One: Strength Training
4. Initiation Stage Two:
5. Initiation Stage Three:
Fear Landscape
5. Initiation Day
6. War and simulation serum
takes effect
7. Jeanine Reveals her plans
to Tris and Tobias after them
getting captured
8. Tris and others escape to Amity compound by train
Full transcript