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Global Actor- Univ of Nottingham

No description

Evelyn Vera

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Global Actor- Univ of Nottingham

Global Actor
Thank you for your attention
Diego Gómez-Pickering
Ambassador of Mexico to the United Kingdom
1. Multiple belongings

2. Multilateral vocation

3. New strategies

Central America
Total trade with the region is 11 billion USD per year
10% of our non-North American exports (6 billion USD)
1.5 million Mexicans are of African descent
Association of Caribbean States and CARICOM
Trade is at 3.3 billion dollars- significant at the individual country level
It has more than 154 million people under 29 years old
Bilateral trade with South America is 30 billion USD
Our investment in Latin America reached 85 billion USD in the last decade
Latin America
Mexico’s third commercial partner
Total trade for 2013 was 70 billion USD
Trade has grown 9% annually since 2000
Investment from Europe is the second largest
First country to recognize independent Mexico
UK has become the third largest tourism market and second destination of Mexicans students abroad
2015: Year of Mexico in the UK and Year of the UK in Mexico
Mexico exports to the US in 2012 was over 280 billion USD
Total trade with US is almost 1 million USD per minute.
Value-added: Mexican exports contain 40 cents for every dollar.
There are 34 million persons of Mexican origin in the US and 800,000 US citizens in Mexico
North America
Trans Pacific Partnership (TTP)
Second regional trading partner
Trade accounts for 20% of total trade (140 billion USD)
UN peacekeeping operations
Global Governance Structure
New strategies
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