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Portal 2 - A Visual Explanation

No description

Sam Riley

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Portal 2 - A Visual Explanation

Merchant Portal 2 So what's Portal? Portal is a first person shooter, but not in the conventional sense.. The game's most basic dynamic is the Portal Device, and the physics that apply to it. Created by Valve, Portal 2 invites you into the Aperture Science Computer Aided Enrichment Center as the mute personality of Chell. A visual explanation By Sam Riley Ultimate Game of the Year! - 2011 Joystick Awards Portal has won numerous awards following it's launch, as a testimony to it's quality JK Simmons Ellen McLain But enough about the interesting stuff,
this is a media presentation after all SWAT Codes Technical Portal 2 is set in a mysterious context, so naturally the camera angles, movement, lighting and editing are set likewise The game is based on the original concept of Narbacular Drop. Panning is smooth and cuts are sudden when suspense is built, and fades are used along with mysterious parts of the video. Portal 2 has a lot of symbolism, portrayed through the use of colour, gender, clothing, and objects. Chell explores a damaged and gutted facility, a change from the clean white clinical feel given in Portal 1 Being trapped is a very big symbol in Portal 2, as it's the main objective Chell is trying to achieve - to escape Aperture science. Throughout the game of Portal 1 you can find writing and litter in obscure places, these are from Doug Rattmann, the last survivor of GLaDOS. In Portal 1 Doug's writing are essentially rubbish like the bean cans. But in Portal 2 he creates some great art on the walls. Audio in Portal 2 is a contributing factor to the atmosphere of Aperture Science. Background music features a lot of computer-like sounds and synthesizers, adding to the Sci-Fi like theme of the game, Tone of voice has a large impact in this game as well. GLaDOS has a computer like tone, giving an eerie impression. Stereotypes and how they're represented Best PC Game of the Year! - 2011 Spike Video Game Awards Symbolic Written Audio Portal 2's stereotypes are a bit more complicated than other game's, but they still exist. GLaDOS Chell Marketing Strategies Valve marketed portal 2 in an interesting way, mainly by the use of videos promoting Aperture Science products. Portal 2 didn't have a very specific target audience, as is shown in the promo videos. They appeal to young and old alike. Brief Storyline - Wake up

- GLaDOS wakes up

- Swap her body with Wheatley's

- Old Aperture

- Find Backstabbing Wheatley

- Defeat him with a portal 2 the moon Wheatley Baddie Goodie Baddie/Moron Portal 2, and Gender Roles Many women feel that they aren't thought of as equal in modern society. Chell gives a good example that women can be wearing clothes and still be a hero. Although, wherever you go people arent treated equally, so if you think women don't have equal rights, you're right. But nobody else does either.
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