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Seth Godin's Manifesto

No description

Tonia Maher

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of Seth Godin's Manifesto

Stop Stealing Dreams

Seth Godin's Manifesto
"Stop Stealing Dreams"

sections 1-10
1. education transformed: low expectations driving HVA to be a model school for our today's school trend
2. Manifesto: Provocations to inspire an educational transformation that is functional
3. Wrong School: Education made to produce workers, for the economy, and jolt of industrial revolution.
4. What is school for: history points toward industrialism, society, and the economy whereas it originally was designed for knowledge and character
5. Column A or B?: character/values vs. obediance
6. Change: change has happened so change is needed is the scope and goal of education
7. Mass production: low cost, low standards, low results
8. Civic enterprise: curriculum makes society stronger or does it just push for the higher income job positions
9. Horace Mann: pushed education for character building - a model to embrace
10: Frederick J Kelly: formed the beginning of SAT and multiple choice education that took flight to ease production
sections 33-43
references and resources:
sections 11-21
sections 22-32
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