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Who am I?

A prezi to others, to find out who I am.

Morla :)

on 1 December 2012

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Transcript of Who am I?

In a day, I would usually go to school. The teachers will always call on me because they think I'm shy. It embarrasses me. After school I would normally do my homework. I usually have a lot of homework, so when I am done, I love to relax, like text my friends, watch TV, etc. After I relax, I watch TV with my family.

On weekends, I love to stay home alone while my parents work. While I'm alone, I pet my cats (and between you and me I love to talk to them). I mostly text my friends, secretly watch the horror movies that I could find online. Sometimes, I eat ice cream and I go on Instagram. I love to listen to music full blast. When my parents get home I acted like nothing ever happened. What do I do in
a day? My appearance
& My name What do I like? Solution Start Who am I really? In this
prezi, you'll see who I am and what my personality is like. I don't really look good. I have brown, curly,
hair. I have brown eyes. I don't wear makeup or
earings (most of the time).

My name isn't actually Morla Goloth. I don't like the name that I have, it is boring and people always make fun of me. No one says it right and it bothers me. Online, my name is Morla. So in conclusion, I am a different girl, with brown hair and brown eyes. I am a girl who does not like her name. A girl, who used to have a dog, and now has two cats. I now know that I am different and that I shouldn't be ashamed of it. Who Am I? Morla Goloth I like bizarre things. Don't ask me why. I
always feel different. I like watching
horror movies and paranormal TV shows.
I like animals and nature. Cats are my
favorite animals, I have two cats, Roxy
and Boule De Neige. I used to have a
beautiful dog named Schumy but he died
not too long ago. I like drawing and
watching TV. As I mentioned before, I like
texting my friends. Thank You
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