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The Iron Curtain Comes Down

For World History 8.04

Alex Schneider

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of The Iron Curtain Comes Down

The Iron Curtain Comes Down

The Iron Curtain Comes Down
The Romanian Revolution was an important event because the leader of Romania was a very cruel leader and ruled the country under an iron fist. Later there was a revolution against this dictator, and thousands of people died; but they did end up overthrowing the government and killing the dictator and his wife.
The Iron Curtain Comes Down
The Velvet Revolution was in the country Czechoslovakia. It was important because it brought an end to Communism in that country. After the country received its independence, It split into two countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
The Iron Curtain Comes Down
The Iron Curtain Comes Down
The Hungarian Uprising was an important because there was a wall between Soviet Hungary and free Austria. The Hungarians revolted and after the revolts, the Soviets took down the the wall leading later to the fall of the Berlin wall.
The Iron Curtain Comes Down
In Prague, there was a lot of revolutions in that city. It was important because the Russians brought a lot of artillery to the city to keep it under control. All these events led up to the Velvet Revolution.
The Iron Curtain Comes Down
I put the pictures in the order they are, because the importance and the order they happened in history. The topics I picked were the: the Romanian Revolution, the Hungarian Uprising, the Prague Spring, the Velvet Revolution and the coup d' état. They started in 1980 and they ended in 1991. During that period the Soviet Union was in turmoil with thousands of people dying per year. During those times, some countries were ruled under terrible dictators or empires and they revolted for their freedom and their rights.
The Iron Curtain Comes Down
I am done with this long Prezi now. I hoped you liked it!
The final event of the uprisings against the Soviet Union was the coup d' état. The Russian people revolted against the Soviet government and attacked the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. After that, the Soviet Union fell apart and the countries that were part of the Soviet Union got their independence.
Alex Schneider
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