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Evaporation Lab Report

No description

Daniela Panda

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Evaporation Lab Report

By Daniela Finlay My Experiment Results Claim/Reasoning Evidence Hope You Liked It I had three 100 ml beakers each with 5 ml of water. One of them was fully covered with plastic, one half covered with plastic and one with no covering. Every science class I would measure it with a graduated cylinder. Usually you couldn't tell that some evaporated but with the graduated cylinder you could actually tell. I noticed that the less coverage the more it evaporates. I also notice that the one with full coverage only evaporated .5 ml and I think that it was because we didn't put the plastic on tight enough My claim is that the more coverage there is the less the water evaporated. I think that is because if there is no coverage the water has the whole surface area of the the beaker so it can let out more evaporation. If it's half covered only half the amount of evaporation can come out of the beaker. My evidence is that between the first and the second day the one with no coverage evaporated 2 ml and the one with half coverage evaporated 1 ml. That is because the one with half coverage has less space to evaporate in the same amount of time. BYE BYE Evaporation Lab Report Scientific Question Will the amount of coverage affect how long it takes to evaporate? Put 5ml of water in each 100ml beaker Cover 1 beaker completely with plastic,
1 half and one without anything Every day check how much water there is in
the beaker with a graduated cylinder Sites http://plastics.americanchemistry.com/hands_on_plastics/activities/plastics_analysis_lab/images/beaker2.gif Materials 3 100 ml beakers Plastic to cover the beakers Graduated Cylinder
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