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One Week Iterations

You are joking, right?

Chris Lilley

on 19 November 2011

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Transcript of One Week Iterations

you are joking, right? One week iterations! We work in iterations, not waterfalls Analysis Design Requirements Build Test Deploy Difficult to change direction
Lack of in flight control
Huge effort to go back to the top 2 weeks? 4 weeks? 2 weeks? 10 weeks? 2 weeks? 1 week? = 21 weeks Eliminate waste: 1. The waste of Defects 2. The waste of Overproduction 3. The waste of Waiting 4. The waste of unneccessary Transportation 5. The waste of excess Inventory 6. The waste of Motion 7. The waste of Over-processing Bugs
Missed Requirements Unused information
Unneccessary documentation Batch processing
Silos of teams Data movement
People movement Excess data storage
Too many licenses
People on the bench Mouse clicks to do a task
Protocols to relay data
Tiers in the architecture Too many bells and whistles
Too elaborate a solution Requirements:
User Stories "As a [user type] I want to [perform a task] so that I can [business benefit]" As a [user type]
I want to [perform a task]
so that I can [business benefit] Analysis:
Cross functional team
Product Owner
Business Prioritisation Design:
Flexible One week Test Build Deploy Test Driven Development:

Key steps
Step 1 – Write a (failing) test case
Step 2 – Run the test to see that it fails (Red)
Step 3 – Write the implementation
Step 4 – Run the test to see that it passes (Green)
Step 5 – Refactor (on Green)
Continuous Integration:

Automation is required for consistency

Use the artefacts created by the build pipeline
Promote builds that pass functional testing
Use common scripts for all environments
Re-run functional tests
Add performance tests for pre-production
2 hours Wednesday

Iteration Kick off
Story workshops
Estimation Thursday

Showcases Friday

Architecture review Saturday Sunday

ESC Conference Monday

Showcases Tuesday

Backlog grooming Wednesaday

Iteration Kick off
etc. Simples? 1. The Backlog becomes the most important artifact 2. "The business" needs to actively participate 3. It takes some experience "Meetings" stand-ups adam.wright@blackpepper.co.uk Adam Wright Head of Solutions
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