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Oral Comm 1- Overview

Oral Communication

Jason Edgar

on 29 August 2016

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Transcript of Oral Comm 1- Overview

Fundamentals of Communication
About This Class
First, you will be recording speeches and submitting them via YouTube or direct link for speech grades.

Second, you will be required to read the book weekly to comprehend the material as class moves forward.

Third, you will need to review each weekly lecture, or "Prezi" as it becomes available.

There is a strong correlation between weekly interactions and a pleasant online experience.
About The Instructor
Jason Edgar
Director of Speech & Debate
Dept. of Comm/Journalism

Jason Edgar

Glossophobia- fear of speaking
Having to give a speech is considered
the #1 fear in modern society. #2 is death.
It's absolutely normal to experience some anxiety.
Practice and Organization decrease anxiety
Communication Instructor
for 12 Years
Two years at MWSU
Communication Is....
Presentational- a person' particular version of facts or events
Representational- describes facts
or conveys information
Communication Is...
Communication is...
"Relational "
Dyadic- two people
Mass Communication
Mass Comm- one source sends
a message to large, unseen
group of receivers.

Examples include television, newspapers, internet, radio.
More on Public Speaking...
Public Speaking- one source
sends a message with a specific
purpose to an audience.
Your instructor teaches students how to delivery effective speeches.
Syllabus (Course Points)
This is me at the Indianapolis
Children's Museum
This model takes place during interpersonal interactions, public speeches, and media
Basic Communication Model
Examples of Communication in action
small group
public speaking
How do we communicate body movement and tone of voice in text messaging?
small group- 3 to 12
A small group interaction sent thru media
In public
In class
Speeches are videos submitted to me before the deadline
Discussion Boards take place on Moodle or Social Media
Tests will be administered on Moodle
Syllabus (Weekly Schedule)
Syllabus (Speech Submissions)
It is extremely important for you to understand how to submit speeches.
This is the schedule I follow
Discussion Board Questions on Social Media
1. Facebook- a Page will be created where discussion board questions will be presented as an original post.

Students can comment on the post for credit. Any
additional comments, likes, or shares is optional.

2. Twitter- students can tweet the answer to the
weekly discussion board question, ending with the hashtag #GriffonsSpeak

Students can tweet, retweet, or quote tweet their discussion board answer. Just don't forget the hashtag
Using social media in this class is optional
How To Maneuver Through Class
Introduction Speech
50 points, Due Sept 11
*review organization lecture
*review delivery lecture
*notecards only
*use a make-shift podium
*record full shot of speaker behind podium
Topic: to inform the audience about 3 unique things about yourself.
Chapter 1 Begins...
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