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WWI: Technology & battles

No description

Christene Stratman

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of WWI: Technology & battles

The Horrors of War
“Schlieffen Plan” called for a fast and overwhelming attack on France, followed by an attack on Russia.
German Strategy
Western Front
Eastern Front
440 miles of trench warfare
Western Front
"Humanity is mad. It must be mad to do what it is doing. What a massacre! What scenes of horror and carnage! I cannot find words to translate my impressions. Hell cannot be so terrible. Men are mad!"
Deadly Technology
Russian Revolution
new technology + old tactics=enormous casualties
Warfare will forever be changed
"Lost generation": disillusioned, angry young men
Most fighting occurred before U.S entrance
Nobody thought that the war would last long...
The Reality: Trench Warfare
warfare in which opposing armed forces attack and defend from relatively permanent systems of trenches dug into the ground.
firepower > mobility
war of attrition
Battle of the Marne:
German Schlieffen Plan halted
beginning of trench warfare
c. 500,000 casualties
Battle of the Somme:
Allied (Br. & Fr.) offensive
first use of tank
Eastern Front
Germany v. Russia
Russian forces were ill-equipped and unprepared
Battle of Tannenberg
outnumbered Germans completely annihilate Russian forces
use of railroad for quick deployment
Russian still an absolute monarchy
Losses and mismanagement of war--> overthrow of Tsar in 1917
Russia exits WWI in 1917
Biological Warfare
"Dog Fights"
Most significant usages: reconnaissance
first used in Battle of Somme by allies
machine gun
rapid rate of fire --> increased causalities
chemical gas used at Battle of Ypres,
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