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Hypo and hypertext

created for MSc in E-learning November 2012

Candace Nolan-Grant

on 22 June 2018

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Transcript of Hypo and hypertext

First, a question... Did Jabba the Hut appear in the first Star Wars movie? Did this question annoy you? Did you answer Yes? Did you answer No? Did you engage in an extended discourse about which movie was the 'first', which character(s) was (were) Jabba the Hut, and particularly what happened when George Lucas re-released episode IV in the '90s? Here is WB Yeats. While perhaps not the George Lucas of his day, the one on the left kept rewriting the poems that the one on the right had already published.

Was that fair on his readers?

Was that fair on the one on
the right? Am I only picking on Lucas and Yeats because they were trying to create hypertext (or hypercinema) in a hypo environment? Or am I worried that you and I (and all children of the 1970s and poetry lovers) will no longer have a common reference point in hypereverythingland? But to be a common reference, does something have to be static? Can it be shared and dynamic? Please comment with answers to any or all of these questions!
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