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Copy of Prezi Template ~ Open Book

Coppy this template and use it as your own ^^its public and reuseable^^

Cynthia Ponce

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Prezi Template ~ Open Book

Sand Hill Explorers
Off site activities for Sand Hill Bunnies (4-7)
Design an app in your journal: what would your app do?
What is the Sand Hill Explorers Program?
Sand Hill Explorers is a self driven program that allows children to participate at their own speed in exploring and discovering our local environment.

Children ages 4-14 fill out a journal and aim to complete various on and off site activities tailored to their age group.

At the end of their stay, children who completed at least 4 activities, will receive a prize at checkout.
Activities are divided into three age groups:

"Sand Hill Bunnies" (4-7 years old)

"Sand Hill Eagles" (12-14 years old)
The Rosewood Journal will have age group specific activities to complete on and off site.
On site Activity: Draw the Sunset
Appropriate for all ages
On site Activity: Find our Sense of Place words
Appropriate for all ages, as difficulty levels will change according to children's age group
On site Activity: Check Points
Appropriate for all ages, as difficulty levels change according to children's age group
As a nod to our Silicon Valley location, the journal pages are designed to look like a tablet.
On site Activity: Describe the food you try in the hotel
On site activity:Time to look at the stars
Appropriate for all ages, as the difficulty levels will change depending on age group
Take a picture of yourself with the astronauts at the NASA Ames Visitor Center
Sand Hill Bunnies (4-7) and Sand Hill Quails (8-11) describe the food.
Sand Hill Eagles (12-14 )
Upload a picture of your favorite dish on Instagram!#foodstagram
Off site activity for Sand Hill Bunnies (4-7)
Visit the Palo Alto Junior Zoo and take a selfie with "Rufus and Tule", the bobcats.
On site activities for Sand Hill Bunnies (4-7) and Sand Hill Quails (8-11)
Decorate a bird house and hang it on our Rosewood Explorer's tree (4-7) or build the bird house from the provided kit. (8-11)
Use a Sunprint Kit and create your own album by using leaves, sticks,water, sun, and your own hands! Make sure you show your album to the Front Desk team to get your seal!

I (name), pledge to be a loyal explorer while at Rosewood Sand Hill. I will be inquisitive, embrace the local area, respect my natural surroundings and expand my creativity. On my honor I will have fun and always remember the secret hand shake.
Rosewood Sand Hill Explorers Oath
Photo and/ or video competition
Album submission of your experience
Sand Hill Quails (8-11) on site activities
Build a Pixel Pal.
Sand Hill Quails (8-11) off site activities
Hiller Aviation Museum-
Take a picture in the cockpit of the 747 plane.
Computer History Museum-

How many Nintendo cassettes are displayed?

Learn more about the art displayed at Sand Hill: walk around and write your impressions on the journal.
Build a Mousebot. (robot)
Sand Hill Eagles (12-14) on site activities
Off Site Activities for Sand Hill Eagles (12-14)
Coyote Point-
Go to CuriOdyssey and find the wind art installation. Write in your journal how it works.
Peninsula Museum of Art -

Find the painting you like the most and write in your journal why.
Palo Alto Art Center -
Find the sculpture you like the most and write in your journal why.
Visit Stanford Campus -

Find the Rodin Sculpture Garden and take a picture of the “Burghers of Calais”
Fitzgerald Marine Preserve


Take a picture of a green anemone, hermit crabs, and a sea star!
Off Site Activities for Sand Hill Eagles (12-14)
Rosewood Bunnies: Certificate, Stuffed CA bear, Robotic Fish
AWARDS by Age Group
Rosewood Eagles (12-14):Certificate, Techie toy or Dog tag
Rosewood Quails (8-11): Certificate, Dog tag, CA hat
"Sand Hill Quails" (8-11 years old)
Hakone Garden -

Find what is a Chisen Kaiyu Shiki garden and take a picture.
Fujitsu Planetarium-
Write in your journal about the show you watched.
Coyote Point-

Take a picture with the Sheriff at the Pistol and Rifle Range.
Find the Real moon rock on display and answer some questions in the journal.
Intel Museum-

Spell your name in binary code and write it in your journal.
At the end of the summer season, the best bird tree houses from each age group will be selected to stay on the tree.
How will guests know about this program?
Guests will be contacted prior to arrival and will receive an e-brochure with the description of our Sand Hill Explorers program. This document will also be available on our complimentary digital magazine app
for guests to have handy while on property.
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