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Wrist Notes

Always ready, Always Wrist-Notes

Minh Thi Trang

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Wrist Notes

PRICES Matrix Partners preso! Harvard Business Review How to lower the cost of enterprise sales? Rene Birthday Wrist OFFICE Always ready, Always Wrist-Notes JIVE Environmentally
friendly BCOV What to do? BUSY, BUSY, BUSY ? INTERNET MARKETING Brand and associated brand logo It's time for

advertisement. AND? SEO @Wrist-Notes 9 Commerce 25 Thank You, we hoped you enjoyed it 9CO25
Ashleigh, Minh Thi and Michael Canley Vale H.S. Sales Promotion: Coupons
Loyalty Reward Programs
Samples Don't forget to buy a Wrist-Note IMAGES: T H N A K Y O U P R E Z I Why What How - Notes ENJOY!! want convenience TARGET Market Primary target market= Students from primary school to secondary school Secondary target market= Office workers WORKERS too time consuming PRODUCT OMG A bracelet with an attached note-pad, hence the name wrist-note. This unique bracelet has been constructed from environmentally friendly fabric, cardboard and paper. With an attached hook, it can ensure that the wearer can easily wear it conveniently and hassle-free. Calico fabric
Throwaway packaging furthering the 'green philosophy' SMALL $3.00 LARGE $3.50 really? soooo cheap!! PLACE: Specialty stores = newsagencies and stationary stores
Discount-variety stores ALSO SOLD LOCALLY AND REGIONALLY PROMOTION: Mass marketing
Direct marketing catalogues
Internet marketing
Sales promotion
Brand and brand logo MASS Marketing ... and ... 6-9 AM
4-6 PM 4-6 PM WRIST-NOTES Marketing Catalogues Magazines such as
Just Kidding
Total Girl
will be the sorts of magazines which we will be promoting through. DIRECT Students, office workers and other consumers will quickly notice the advertisement due to the advanced technology. WRIST-NOTES Costs were determined from costs, labour and expenses.
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