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No description

maya tal

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of Tiffit

Competitive Analysis
current debate presentation
like/dislike/comment icon
open convo platform
quality discussion
presentation of issues/topics
clean, forward design
could be clustered
cross-social media
initiate debates
Secret Sauce
statistical representation of the debates followed up by infographics
How are we different???
'sport of debating' + passion for stimulating intellect
our world's finest
eliminate the time pressure
eliminate one sided victory
focusing on content value

-could be clustered
-user generated - quality and topics not always in our control

-connects people of the same mindset
- expanding intellectual and social circles
-reference source, inspire academic papers
-get information about a certain topic and hear different opinions
-use as statistical tool to get an overview of opinions
-potential for word of mouth
-platform for post class discussion

-people can insult and cross ethical boundaries
-can get personal and create offline tension
-spread false information that may go viral
-topics are diverse, appealing to all schools of thought
-interactive and cross-social media platform
-immediate view of the current stance of the debate
-neat platform, easy to use
-eliminate middle man
-quality discussion
Burden of Proof
Maya Margaux Leigh
: Tiffit is an interactive platform designed to collect statistical information, stimulate thought and inspire mobile debates based on interests related to the academia or current events through social networking among America's Ivy league students.

We realized there is no platform student can express their opinions in trusted environment and access unbiased (by a third party) information and statistics about issues relevant to their studies or current affairs world wide.
solution: tiffit was created to evoke and preserve quality arguments, allowing students to initiate, follow or respond to current debates. It offers a statistics feature so they can access neutral information and understand what fellow students are thinking and which opinions are more common. This gives students a platform to engage in quality communication and develop new relationships as well as information that can be used for various other needs.

Target audience:
our general target audience is the student population, but following in the steps of Facebook we want to appeal to an elite and well respected student community which is why our main target audience is America's Ivy league students. Furthermore this ties in with our business model as their opinions are highly valued as credible sources for market research.
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