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Planning a research investigation

Supporting A2 FIlm Students with their projects

Rachel Horner

on 7 July 2010

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Transcript of Planning a research investigation

HOW TO PLAN MY RESEARCH INVESTIGATION 1. You have created an area of investigation by devising a title 2. The title should be a statement rather than a question. 3. Imagine you were writing a story or making a film.
You would produce a synopsis,
character profiles
research into areas that the film / story will address, etc.

The research project is exactly the same. You should think about how you expect your script / investigation to develop. What do you want to explore and how? 4. Example: In order to find out about MASH and Jarhead last year we... 4.1 Watched the 2 films and selected extracts to compare and contrast 4.2 Used websites such as imdb and box office mojo to find out how successful they were and when they were released. 4.3 Used online journals to find out about generation X and the babyboomers to then link to the 2 films. 4.4 We watched the MASH DVD extras for making of information from the director, the cast, the crew. 4.5 We found reviews to see what reviewers thought about the 2 films 5. All of these things helped us to find some answers about MASH and Jarhead as anti-war films 4.6 We used encyclopedia sites, news sources and history books to find out about the Vietnam and Gulf war 4.7 We considered our own personal responses to the 2 films as a film spectator / audience. 6. We ended up knowing a lot more about these 2 films by exploring film theory, social, political and cultural events in relation to the films. 4.8 We used film theory books to find out about narrative and genre and then used these ideas to analyse the films 7. This is the kind of thing you will do in order to find out answers for your research project. 8. Planning a pathway:

Title and focus area
Introduction: What do you hope to find out and how?

Example: The surreal style of David Lynch (Auteur)

Introduction: I have chosen to study Lynch after watching the film The Lost Highway. This encouraged me to watch more of his films and I realised there was a surreal element to his filmmaking which made me consider him to be an interesting example of an auteur.
Through my investigation I hope to find out what influences David Lynch, how he uses surreal ideas, what audiences think of his films, what reviewers and academics have made of his work, how he influences other filmmakers and whether academics would agree that lynch is an auteur. I will be using Lost Highway as my focus film and also referencing / studying Mulholland Drive, Wild at Heart and Blue Velvet.

9. By writing an introduction it gives me a clear idea of what I need to do as part of my research investigation. 9.1 Find out about surrealism as a movement
Possible sources: Internet search, film books 9.2 Find out about background of David Lynch.
possible sources: Magazine interviews, books about Lynch, fan / dedicated websites 9.3 Find out how his films are released, production details and success of the films
possible sources: film industry websites, the numbers, imdb, boxoffice mojo, wikipedia 9.4 Find out what fans say about his work
Possible sources: Websites dedicated to Lynch, youtube fan based films and comments, ask questions on a forum linked to Lynch on imdb. 9.5 Find out about themes and styles used by Lynch
Possible sources: Books about Lynch, articles, websites, DVD extras 9.6 Study the films I have chosen (textual analysis) and look for themes, styles in his films.
9.7 Find out about auteur theory
Possible sources: Websites and film books for definitions and explanations. 10. Now I need to start collecting the research and taking notes about what I find from each source.
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