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Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack project

By Jose Hernandez and Alexis Sachs

Jose Hernandez

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Romeo & Juliet Soundtrack project

Romeo &
Act I
Act II
Song List
Act IV
Act V
Balcony Scene
"Main Theme Song"
1.)Love You Like A Love Song 7.) Falling For You
2.)Keep Holding on 8.)Just The Way You Are
3.)Titanium 9.)Battlefield
4.)The Lonely 10.)Thousand Years
5.)Chasing Pavement 11.)Unconditionally
6.)The Way 12.)Clarity
Romeo and Juliet, a play written by Shakspeare portraying how even if love is forbidden the feelings grow even stronger still. Througout the tragedy that accurs around them they continue to pursue each other, eventually getting married in secret which later lead to the deaths of others and themselves leaving the two families to call peace and these songs display the feelings felt.
Romeo and Juliet Death Scene
"Love you like a Love Song"
-Selena Gomez
"One Plus One"
"The Lonely"
-Christina Perry
"Chasing Pavement"
"The Way"
-Ariana Grande
"Falling For You"
-Colbie Caillot
"Just The Way You Are"
-Bruno Mars
-Jordon Sparks
"A Thousand Years"
-Christina Perry
-Kaydee Perry

Titianium represents all the hardships that romeo had to face and how he still caries on loving Juliet and pursuing her.
This shows how Juliet doesn't want to be the girl her parents want her to be i.e. "I'm a ghost of a girlthat i want to be I'm the shell of a girl tht used to be."
"Love Song" fits with act 1 because in a way Julet "sets Romeo free" from his so called love with Rosaline. It also fits with this act becasue in the song it says "Constantly you play through my mind like a symphony" and Juliet constantly thinks about Romeo.
"One Plus One" describes this scene perfectly because this is where Juliet falls in love with Romeo and she feels as if nothing else matters besides there love.
"Chasing Pavements" works with this act because it basically potrays how Romeo and Juliet feel in this particular part of the play. They don't know wether to "give up" or keep chasing pavements.
"They Way" explains the theme (love) to an accurate point. It explains how Romeo and Juliet feel about each other :)
This song is a great portrayal of how Juliet was feeling at the time of the balcony scene. She felt immediatly that she was "falling" for Romeo.
This song represents how Romeo was feeling about Juliet. He feels that even though she is a Capulet that she is perfect anyway and doesn't need to change.
Representing the motif of the feud between the Capulets and Montagues the song Battle field also shows the struggle between Romeo and Juliet's love for eachother.
"A Thousand Years" represents Romeo and Juliets feelings for each other when they took their own lives.
"Unconditionally" is like Juliet's ways of telling Romeo that she will love him no matter what (unconditionay) and also for him to just let go and be himself
Romeo and Juliet's love story fits entirely into this song becuse it captures the emotion felt by the two lovers.
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