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Copy of Animal Farm: Ch1- Old Major- Emotive Language

No description

Michelle Zheng

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Animal Farm: Ch1- Old Major- Emotive Language

Animal Farm by George Orwell
What kind of leader helps us to grow?
The Speech
Analysis time
Final Thought
Old Major
D1) Read through Old Major's speech and highlight/underline all the parts you think are emotive

C2) Can you spot and label any other persuasive devices?

Rhetorical questions, Repetition, Pronouns (you), Opinions
Would you have followed
Old Major?

Is he a hypocrite?
Is he trying to give others a long life like his?
It all started with a dream.

But the message got lost
Write down at least 5 words that you would use to describe a great leader

What makes people follow them?
A great leader is:
The king of persuasion.
But why?
Emotive Language
Words or phrases that are used to make the audience
(emotional reaction)
Write this down
C3) Aim for the stars

Put a * next to the 3 most emotive phrases and briefly explain why
Was Old Major a bad apple?
The Old Major uses a lot of emotive language in his speech at the start of the novel.

'Insert a quotation here'

D1) What effect might this have on the audience?

C3) Is there a particular word that makes this emotive?

C2) Why would Old Major want his audience to react in this way?
The answer briefly explains how the quotation affects the audience

The answer explains how a specific word/ phrase makes the quotation emotive

The answer explains how a specific word/ phrase makes the quotation emotive and how Old Major wants his audience to react

C1/B3- (Have they gone beyond?)
The answer explains how Old Major wants his audience to react. Putting particular focus on how a specific word/ phrase helps him to do this.
Swap Books
Our essay title:
Explore who was to blame for the
downfall of Animal Farm
Final Thought
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