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abby no name

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of monarchy

what is monarchy?
how much power should the government have?
should power be limited?
power should be limited in an absolute regular monarchy. the monarch has to much power for one person and in a limited monarchy the representative body should have less power.
how many rights should citizens have?
the citizens should have the right to vote the next queen or atleast someting like that. yeah monarchy is suposse to have a king or queen from a noble blood line still the right to vote should be one.
can citizens vote?
citizens cant vote in fact. The role of king or queen is decided by their noble blood line. sometimes the king or queen have gained this honor through warfare or marriage.
do citizens play a role in the government?
In a regular monarchy citizens don't really have a role in the government.
level C
Monarchy is the oldest form of government, especially in the United Kingdom (UK). In a monarchy, a king or queen is the head of the state unlike here in the United States where a president which controls the country. The king or queen will remain in order until death or abduction.Most modern monarchies are limited or constitutional where the king or queen don't really make the decisions. For the UK there is a prime minister and the parliament they make them. the king and queen are mostly there to approve and carry out ceremonies. Constitutional monarchy is different from regular monarchy A constitutional has a set of rules that the ruler or the rulers must follow to keep them from ruling their own way. Canada is an example of constitutional monarchy.There are two types of regular monarchy: Absolute monarchy and limited monarchy. Absolute monarchy is really rare because little to no people representation. Limited monarchy is like in the UK, the Parliament keeps the monarch and or prime minister in check.
works cited
In an Absolute regular monarchy the king's or queen's power is unchecked, which leaves them to do anything they wish. There might be an assembly but they don't any major decisions. Absolute monarchy is rare but i should have less power then it has or the prime mister should be a little stricter.
Limited monarchy where the representative body (senate, parliament, etc.) has to give the monarch approval to do anything is a more in check then Absolute. The representative body may have a little it to much power, It should give the monarch a little more freedom.
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