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Lord of the Flies Symbolism

No description

Krista Root

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies Symbolism

The Plane Crash
Failure or breakdown of
society. Destruction of
outside world.

Spread of corrupt ideas.
The Island
Before the boys'
arrival, the Garden of
Eden, or a utopia.
After the boys' arrival,
the corrupt and
world of

The next generation
of evil.
Also, in allegory of "world"
the lesser countries, or
ignorant individuals who
do not have power, do not
contribute as power players,
and are simply followers who
react to what the Bigguns do.
The Dead Parachutist
The beast, humanity,
the "adult world".
The parachutist has taken
part in the killing of other
human beings in the war taking
place in the outside world. He is
also "dead"
The parachutist proves that the
"beast" is "themselves", or humans,
which is what Simon said
all along.
The Conch Shell
Civilized authority.
Government, democracy,
The children use the
conch to bring everyone
together for meetings
and making rules.
Piggy's Specs
Insight, wisdom,
When Piggy's glasses
break, it indicates the boys
are becoming less sensible,
more disconnected with
the outside world, and less
inclined to be rational.
The Signal Fire
Rescue and hope.
BUT also power and
the potential abuse
of power which destroys
The Lord of the Flies
Devil. Evil
The evil which
resides within men.
The "Id" in Freudian
Current or emerging
generation of evil.
Power players. Superpowers. Countries waging war.
May have more intelligence, but take advantage of the power they have instead of doing good.
The Naval Officer
Hypocrisy. He scolds the boys
for not acting proper when he is off to do the exact same thing on a much larger scale, to a much larger group of people.
Dancing and Chanting of Hunters
Blind emotion,
loss of reason,
mob mentality
Beast or Snake-thing
Fear, superstition.
As the plot unfolds,
the "beast" becomes
less animal-like, and
more human-like.
Symbolism in The Lord of the Flies
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