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lecture about Janine Jansen

No description

Vera Beumer

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of lecture about Janine Jansen

this is my lecture about Janine Jansen! Familly on the concervatory with
Phillip Hirrschorn At the Utrecht conservatory in 1987she graduated with the highest distinction. Here she took lessons from among others the violinist Phillip Hirrschhorn. startet playing.......... Janine Jansen startet playing on a age of six
with Coosje Wijzenbeek. record label with Decca... Janine Jansen born Janine Jansen is born on 7
January 1978 Janine Jansen is born in a musical familly. Because her father plays harpsichord, piano and organ her brothers play cello and harpsichord and her mother sings. in 2003 she signed a record label with Decca and her first cd released world wide. Also in the chamber music is Janine Jansen active. Since 2003 she is the artistic director and inspirer of the established International Chamber Music Festival Utrecht that each year - late December - is held at various locations in the city of Utrecht. This is a little funny video about the Music festival! Stradivarius violin Janine Jansen plays a Stradivarius violin, the Barrere from 1727,
its lend in 2000 with a grant from the Stradivari
Society Chicago and the Elise Mathilde Fund. it is a very rare violin The End are there any questions? Utrecht chamber music festival.
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