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The Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts

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Athina Chrissaki

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of The Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts

Introduction Components:
Social Media
Media Manipulation

Each component is a powerful tool in itself, but when the components are combined their power becomes more intense.

The effect of pairing the components will be shown Advertising -Advertiser's primary aim --> to persuade

Use of stereotypes in advertisements
--> can persuade the consumer to buy a service/product STEREOTYPES in advertising -What girl wouldn't kill for her looks and her body? -Which guy wouldn't like to have her on his arm? Answer --> None

she --> archetypal stereotype of western beauty

Use of models: enhance the power of the advertisement
-all girls strive for her identity
-all guys want a girlfriend like her This increases the desire to buy the products she is identified with SOCIAL MEDIA in advertising social media site logos +
"Follow us on..." or "Find us on..." -social media => effectiveness of advertising
-if consumers are not aware of a product they are missing out

relationship between
brand/personality and follower Justin Bieber's
Twitter Page This relationship => other followers => part of a community => sense of belonging, fundamental to human nature Advertising in conjunction with social media also keeps the consumer up to date! Victoria's Secret Advertisement MEDIA MANIPULATION
in advertising - Primary goals of media -->
lead and shape public opinion

- If combined with advertising--> great power of persuasion One way of media manipulation:
exaggeration of the quality or importance of an item - Importance of product --> how much exposure
the advertisement is given
- The more prominence of the ad --> the more
significance the public attaches to it PROPAGANDA in advertising - Propaganda: brainwashing can be accomplished using direct methods without any subtlety
- Message that one thing is far better than the other is clear and concise Propaganda in advertising --> rare and often banned (Pepsi ad. that humiliates Coca-Cola) Other examples in a less direct manner:
those for soap powders --> "all other soap powders are totally ineffective compared to the one being advertised". Propaganda in ads. has the power to change people's opinions entirely at the expense of other rival products. Stereotypes SOCIAL MEDIA in stereotypes Stereotyping has negative connotations, but it can provide a template for those who have social media profiles to aspire to.

Idea of perfection --> the current generation of millennials constantly pursue --> the photos they post on their timelines reflect the standard stereotypes that they wish to adhere to.
--> Posting images that portray them in the best light possible --> can get approval from their peers to enhance their self-esteem social media reinforces existing stereotypes and the strength of the stereotype is confirmed through social media MEDIA MANIPULATION in stereotypes - Power to exploit stereotypes to their own advantage so that the audience's opinion fits in with that of the particular medium in question - The media can enhance stereotyping -->advertisements

--> the Axe ad. shows the stereotype "hunk" using the product to become a "babe magnet". - Portray people --> audience can understand what category the person is in

example--> pictures of Lindsay Lohan that accompanied the article of her "downfall" resembled those of someone undesirable.
--> the fallen star or the athlete who has cheated by taking drugs is shown as unworthy of respect PROPAGANDA in stereotypes Interdependence between stereotypes and propaganda --> allows media to put across a message clearly, strongly - Message conveyed --> clear (the particular stereotype stands for something that has no ambiguity) --> people of Arab origin being regarded as prone to committing terrorist acts - There are also positive stereotypes:
--> the "sports hero" that everyone looks up to Propaganda strengthens the association between the stereotype and the related characteristics. --> the black population in America often being equated with criminal activities Social Media MEDIA MANIPULATION in social media - Media gets the public to identify with desirable elements
- success is reinforced by the idea that nobody wants to be called a "loser". - Idea of success --> linked to material possessions (the more expensive and desirable a possession is, the "cooler" the owner is) --> young women strike
poses for their profile pictures

--> follow trends set in fashion magazines,
other media projections
-> desirable and sexy --> during the Egyptian uprising to depose Mubarak
The foreign press called for change and the Egyptians opposed to the regime, organized the demonstrations through the use of social media. PROPAGANDA in social media - Use of propaganda in social media --> witnessed on many occasions

- Even teenagers of limited intelligence can cause others to turn on members of a minority --> "Kick a Ginger Day"
urged all non-gingers to physically attack any child at school with red hair There was an overwhelming response to the urging which led to a number of arrests. numerous incidents of cyber-bullying
--> and help is now available for victims, PROPAGANDA - Use of propaganda to reinforce media manipulation of public attitude --> threat to national security from a foreign power --> the way the media have portrayed such countries as North Korea and Iran who are reported to be in the process of developing nuclear weapons. "North Korean progress on nuclear arms, long-range missiles rattles US and allies" -NBC News Iran Nuclear Program Could Generate Nuke By Next Year: REPORT -policymic The use of such propaganda gets the whole nation behind the government
- any action decided upon --> public support ADVERTISING-STEREOTYPES-SOCIAL MEDIA-MEDIA MANIPULATION-PROPAGANDA All five tools in one example: Advertising: endorsement by football stars, branding, reliability Stereotypes: the top high earning world class footballer and his enviable lifestyle Social Media: The likes, shares and views going viral strong approval Media Manipulation: News on front page of newspapers, on TV watched globally, in the cinema, satellite communications, shows, massive press presence influences people in every walk of life Propaganda: omnipresent nike logo creates the image that only nike exists. Statue indicates the importance of the endorser of the nike brand. When Rooney gets knighted by the Queen, it shows how his service to the country and football is appreciated. Conclusion The individual tools at the disposal of the media for shaping opinion and influencing behaviour and thought are powerful. - However, their power can be magnified when they are combined. - In this way, they are interdependent in terms of how effective they can be. - The greater the number of tools used in conjunction with one another
---> the more powerful message conveyed
-->the greater influence the media can have The media have a profound impact on the way those exposed to it develop their attitude towards other people, events and situations. They try to influence the public in such a way that their "employers" benefit to the greatest degree. When all the tools are used together, the whole is truly much greater than the sum of the parts. Propaganda Techniques - Assertion
- Bandwagon
- Card stacking
- Glittering Generalities
- Lesser of Two Evils
- Name Calling
- Pinpointing the Enemy
- Plain Folks
- Simplification (Stereotyping)
- Testimonials
- Transfer Media Manipulation - Media manipulation currently shapes everything you read, hear and watch online.
- Everything
- with the use of: logical fallacies and propaganda techniques

--> Use 'weasel words' to modify statements, weakening any real meaning or forceSale, Help ("Helps prevent..." "Helps fight...."), Like, Can be/may be, Up to, As much as, Feel, Free. US government regulations require only that there be a small functional change in a product or its packaging to qualify it to use this description Bibliography - "Propaganda Techniques." ThinkQuest. Oracle Foundation,n.d. Web. 16 Jan. 2013.
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- "Partner with Us." Partner with LivingSocial. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Jan. 2013. Thank you for your Attention John Tsolakis

Athina Chrissaki

Bill Francis

Nanda Isaia
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