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Uglies Plot Graph

No description

Kate Braswell

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Uglies Plot Graph

Inciting Incident Resolution "The early summer sky was the color of cat vomit." (pg. 3). "She could see New Pretty Town through her open window." (pg. 3). "...everything was in darkness. Everyone ugly was in bed by now." (pg. 4) Exposition "Then I'll make you a promise too, Tally Youngblood. Until you help us, to the very best of your ability, you will never be pretty." (pg. 106). "You can die ugly, for all I care." (pg. 106) "I'm Tally Youngblood," she said. "Make me pretty" (pg. 406). Protagonist The protagonist in this novel is Tally Youngblood. Antagonist The antagonist in this novel is anyone who is against The Smoke or Tally. The Specials are a group of antagonists. Internal Conflict The internal conflict in this story is about Tally discovering what she truly stands for and believes in on the issue of turning pretty and being like everyone else. External Conflict The external conflict present in this novel is the tension between Tally, as well as the other smokies, and the specials. Point of View The point of view in this novel is narrative and third person. Moral 1. Your personality and actions are not justified by your looks alone.

2. If you really want something, don't give up. Fight for your desires. Theme - beauty vs. ugly - coming of age - Independence - Relationships Plot Graph Uglies Scott Westerfeld Kate Braswell, Storm Setola, Kayla Harmon, Alexus Moore, and David Quesada Rising Action "Then, she spotted something on the ground, and stopped" (pg. 140). "She lowered the board and saw that below her was a track with metal rails and wooden crossbars- like the roller coaster, but much bigger" (pg. 140-141). Tally had solved the first clue! Rising Action "Suddenly, a gap opened up in front of Tally, spanned by a crumbling bridge" (pg. 143). "She felt the board lose purchase, slipping downward" (pg. 144). "Like a bird with outstretched wings, she began to fly" (pg. 145). Tally almost plummeted to the ground, but she saved herself. Rising Action "The unfolded hoverboard pitched in the windstorm, its magnets fighting to keep it on the ground. Her knapsack disappeared in the dust, and she saw clothing, the sleeping bag, and packets of SpagBol scattering in the machine's wake" (pg. 159). "But the machine dipped forward, just like a hoverboard, and moved on" (pg. 159). Tally got away from the big machine that was destroying her camp. She thought that she was lucky to be alive. Rising Action " When she awoke, the world was on fire" (pg. 164). "Then a tearing noise filled the air, the cackle of dry brush inflamed, and the smell of smoke swept all around Tally..." (pg. 165). "Billowing clouds of smoke surrounded her, blotting out the sky. A ragged wall of flame moved through the flowers, giving off a wave of blistering heat. She grabbed her knapsack and stumbled down the hill away from the fire" (pg. 165). Tally finds herself in trouble when she is surrounded by a field of smoking flowers. It is a dangerous situation, and she could have died. Rising Action "Hands grabbed at her, pulling her away from the hoverboard. She was hoisted out of the water and onto a broad shoulder. She caught glimpses of masked faces: huge, inhuman eyes staring at her unblinkily" (pg. 169). "The machine rumbled, and then Tally felt it lift from the ground" (pg. 171). Tally was rescued from the fire by the rangers. They took her into the helicopter and flew her to a safe area. The rangers are very close with the smokies. Rising Action "A couple of hours after dawn, they (smokies) came and got her" (pg. 179). "Infiltrator or not, Tally couldn't wait to see Shay" (pg. 180). This was the moment Tally has been waiting for. She finally gets to see Shay. Epiphany "She leaned forward, her weight pressing into him and her feet gradually slipped down the stone, their lips met" (pg. 265). After David and Tallys kiss, Tally realized that she wanted to stay in the smoke and never turn pretty. Tally "... opened her hand and threw the necklace into the center of the fire" (pg. 267). By doing this, Tally thought that she could stay and live in the smoke forever. She thought that Dr. Cable would never find her. Dilemma The dilemma in this novel is when Tally debates on fighting the Specials when they arrive, or joining with Dr. Cable and going home to turn pretty. Going home was the original plan, but Tally didn't like that. These two choices are both fairly hard on Tally. Climax "Special Circumstances had arrived" (pg. 269). The Specials were capturing smokies with intentions of taking all members of the Smoke back to their hometowns. Falling Action "It was Shay. She was pretty" (pg. 363). Even though Shay's normal sense hated the idea of being pretty, Dr. Cable made sure that Shay was the first one, of all the prisoners, to receive the operation. Complications The Boss said "You haven't got any shoes" (pg. 278) to Tally. Tally wouldn't be able to run away into the forest if she doesn't have any shoes. Dr. Cable said, "If the pendant had been damaged, it would have sent a signal automatically" (pg. 292). This is a complication because the Smoke could have been kept a secret if Tally had not thrown the pendent into the fire. "You get within twenty meters of it (the wire fence) and the Specials will know you're here. Same goes if you touch the ground inside it" (pg. 339). http://media.npr.org/assets/bakertaylor/covers/u/uglies/9781442419810_custom-e61c279d3708a80cf5b2b1656c8055a49ea87daa-s6-c10.jpg
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