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Copy of Caspian Pipeline Consortium

No description

Alexey Kelin

on 22 March 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Caspian Pipeline Consortium

Caspian Pipeline Consortium
USRBC Annual Meeting 2016
An Example of beneficial international cooperation
The Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) is a major international crude oil transportation project with participation of Russia, Kazakhstan and leading international oil and gas companies, created for construction and operation of a trunk pipeline more than 1.5 thousand kilometers long.

The system is sourced by crude oil from fields in Western Kazakhstan with additional crude oil from Russian producers. This oil is transported through the CPC pipeline to the Marine Terminal in Yuzhnaya Ozereevka (Novorossiysk) where it is loaded on tankers for further delivery to the world markets.

What is CPC?
CPC Shareholders

Implemented in September 2002

CPC Shipments
mln tons annually
Expansion Project
Expansion Project geography
CPC Today
The progress in the Expansion Project realization made so far has resulted in increase of the pipeline capacity up to 52 MMTA.

In the second half of October this year crude from one of the largest proven oilfields of Kazakhstan – Kashagan came on stream of the CPC system for the first time.

It is anticipated that 9.5 - 12 million tons of Kashagan oil will be transported through the CPC till the end of this year.

The Expansion Project is planned to be fully completed in 2017, when the CPC capacity will reach 67 MMTA.

Thank you for your attention
Construction is carried out on a phase-by-phase basis and construction of each phase results in the increased throughput and loading capacity
Development history of CPC
Oil Quality Bank
GOAL: CPC Expansion Project aims at increasing the CPC Main Pipeline annual throughput capacity up to 67 MMTA;
PROJECT BUDGET: $5.4 billion;
“Ship or Pay” Agreement;
ECONOMIC BENEFIT: The CPC Expansion Project implementation will allow to double the revenue up to $2,3 billion a year, which will accelerate return of loans to shareholders and the start of dividend payments.

CPC Expansion: technical parameters
*Projected volume
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