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JADA Williams

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Hercules

Hercules Hercules Hercules was the strongest man on Earth . He had a perfect confidence that no matter what was against him he could never be defeated. Even when he was a baby he killed two sneaks with his bare hands. He could only be killed by magic or supernatural powers. Hercules anger problem Hercules had a really bad anger problem. He often had sudden outburst of furious anger. He accidentally kill his teachers out of rage.He also killed his wife and children and all most committed suicide, and would have if Theseus hadn't showed up to help him. The Twelve Labors Hercules was sent out to do twelve impossible tasks.the first task was to kill the lion of Nemea that could not be wounded by a weapon. Hercules accomplish this task by choking the beast to death. The Second labor The second labor was for Hercules to to go to Lerna and kill a nine headed creature called Hydra this task was very hard because one of Hydra's heads was immortal. Hercules did this by cutting off the neck so that all of the heads would not grow back The Fourth Labor The Fifth Labor The fifth labor was for Hercules to clean Augean stables. the Augean Stables had thousands of cattle and their stables had not been cleaned for years. Hercules did this task by diverting the courses of two rivers into the stables. Third Labor The third labor was to bring a sage with gold horns back to life. This task took a Hercules a whole year to accomplish. The fourth labor was to capture a great boar witch lived on mount Erymanthus. Hercules chased the boar until it was tired. The Sixth Labor The sixth labor was for Hercules to drive away the Stymphalian bird. He did this with the help of Athena they shot the birds as they flew. The Seventh Labor The Eighth Labor The Ninth Labor The ninth labor was to bring back Hippolyta. Hera who didn't like Hercules because he is the song of Zeus made the amazon think that Hercules was taking their queen. Hercules had to fight the people off. The Twelfth Labor The eighth labor was for Hercules to get the man-eating mares of king Diomedes of Thrace. Hercules slew Diomedes first and then drove off the mares unopposed. The seventh labor was for Hercules to go to crete and fetch the beautiful savege bull that Poseidon had given to minos. Hercules got him and put him in a boat and brought him to Eurydtheus. The last labor was the most difficult of all this labor took him to the under world. the labor was to bring Cerberus the three headed dog from hades. Hercules carried the dog back to earth and gave he to Eurystheus. Eurystheus didn't want the dog and made Hercules carrie him back. The twelfth Labor The Tenth Labor The tenth labor was to bring back the cattle of Geryon,who was a three-headed monster. The Eleventh labor the Eleventh labor was the most difficult of all of the labors so fair it was to bring back the Golden Apple of the Hestperides. this was a problem because Hercules didn't know where these apples could be found. Hercules ask Atlas the father of Hestperides who held the weigh of heaven on his shoulders to get the apples for him and in return he would hold up the sky for him when he left. Atlas Agreed and went to get the apples while Hercules held the sky.
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