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EIBM_task3 - Business Canvas Model - Huawei

No description

Stefano Di Ciaccio

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of EIBM_task3 - Business Canvas Model - Huawei

Customer Segments
Primarily a B2B company
- Global company, no brand awareness

- Promotes through PR Transformation

- They should deliver the value propositions to the customers in a more open, dynamic and proactive way.
Value Propositions
Innovation in new technologies

Customer Relationships
- Engaged customer based (they though struggle a bit, especially overseas)

- Huawei attracted much attention to customers, because of the pricing, quality equipment and diversity of offerings

- Loyal customer base

- Huawei remains its main business in B2B area
Revenue Streams
Key Resources
Key Activities
Key Partnerships
Cost Structure
Project presentation by:

Farkas Lorand
Ava Davani
Robert Köhling
Stefano Di Ciaccio
- Business Model Canvas
Ubiqutious Broadband
Half of employes working in R&D
17 research institutes worldwide
Restructuring B2C market
Etc. Smartphones, Tablets, Mobile Broadband
Largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer
Source: Huawei Annual Report 2013
Our strong performance can be attributed to the improved global macro economy, a better business environment, and the effective execution of our corporate strategy
- Telefonica
- Local partnerships in different parts of the world
- NGO (Non-governmental organizations

Cloud solutions
Device development
Telecom services
Research & Development
- Continuous innovation
- 2013 - Financial Risk Control Center - London
- Leading role in future tech. -5G
- Leader in commercial deployment of LTE worldwide
Research & Development
Network Managment and Maintenance
Products development
Mobile offices
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