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Invitation To The Game

No description

Sam Dreger

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Invitation To The Game

Invitation To The Game
Author: Monica Hughes

The protagonist in this story is Lisse
Her friends include Rich, Paul, Katie, Trent, Alden, Charlie, Scylla, Lisse, Brad, Benta, Karen.
Lisse has never really talked about her family
But she talks about her life at school lots at the begging of the book
Lisse and all of her 8 friends get invited to the game
The game is a virtual reality game
The line in between the real life and V.R start to fade

There is no real antagonist in this book
The only person who could be one would be the governor.
The reason why is because he sent them to the game.
My favorite part of this book is the part when they get invited to the game.
This is my favorite part because it starts off the book.
It starts off the book because it explains what's going to happen
The setting of this book is 2154
Almost every government job is done by a robot
The other setting is a virtual reality area.
The area inside of the virtual reality world changes

Most of the people she meets at the begging do not reappear in the later parts of the book
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