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The Count of Monte Cristo's Road to Revenge

Edmond Dantes journey of revenge since he was thrown into jail by his friends. Is a basic timeline of the book "The Count of Monte Cristo".

Molly Rodeffer

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of The Count of Monte Cristo's Road to Revenge

The Count of
Monte Cristo
Timeline The Road to Revenge Bad Luck On the day of Edmond and Mercedes wedding, the police show up at their betrothal feast. They are looking for Edmond Dantes. Edmond knew it had to be a mistake, so he obeyed their commands and left with them. He was interrogated by the Procurer du Roi Villefort, and admitted everything openly, knowing he had nothing to hide. Unfortunately, his recent history proved suspicious. Before he got back to Marseilles, as his captain was dying, he was told to stop and receive a letter to take back to Marseilles, and then take it to a particular spot to give to someone. The letter, in fact, had to do with the Bonapartists, so Edmond was guilty of going against the King. He was thrown into the Chateau d' If, an awful prison, unknowing of who had done this to him. Abbe Faria Freedom After Faria dies, Edmond takes his body and places it in his cell, and then crawls into the body bag. The bag is taken out of the prison, unknown that a live man was inside. However, the cemetery is the sea, so Edmond his hurled into the ocean. He escapes the bag, and swims to shore a few miles away. He is taken aboard a ship, and joins the crew. Treasure Edmond waited to go to Monte Cristo, the island where his treasure was hidden. He eventually got his chance, faking an injury and telling the crew to go on without him. He followed the clues, and found his treasure, a chest full of gold worth an unlimited amount of money. He can begin his plan of revenge. First Step Danglars The Count goes to the bank that is owned by Danglars, the other man involved in the nefarious plot against Edmond. He sets up a bank account worth an unlimited amount of money, and then asks to buy Danglars beautiful horses for a healthy sum. Danglars accepts, but later, when the Count goes to his home, Mme Danglars is infuriated that someone sold her horses. The Count returns the horses with jewels imbedded in their saddles, and thus forms a friendly relationship with the Danglar family. The Count of Monte Cristo Later, a mystery person saves a young man named Albert, who is Fernand and Mercedes son. We discover that the man's title is the Count of Monte Cristo, which is Edmond's disguise. He saves Albert from the Italian bandit Luigi Vampa, and afterwards is praised by the Morcerfs for saving Albert. The Count becomes good friends with Albert, which is part of his evil plot. Home Edmond Dantes is a man from Marseilles, and he has just returned home after a long journey at sea, because he is a sailor. He is about to marry the woman he loves, Mercedes, and is going to be the new captain of the Pharaon. His life could not be any better. However, there are men in his life that are envious of Edmond's luck. Danglars wishes to be the boat's captain, and Fernand wishes to be Mercedes wife. Edmond is oblivious of this, though, and he continues to live his happy life. Start Savior The Count visits the Villefort's, and discusses the prescription he used on Edward with Mme de Villefort. He also warns her that it is an awful poison if too much is injected in the body. She takes the healing poison with evil intentions. The Count leaves, and then goes to meet Albert. They discuss the stock market, and how it's been running amiss lately. This crazy stock market, however, is another vital part in the Count's revenge. Poison Servant The Count goes to visit Monsieur de Villefort, and it is obvious Villefort is upset. The Count inquires him, and Villefort tells him that his father, Noirtier, is disinheriting Valentine, his daughter, because she is being forced to marry someone that Noirtier does not approve of. The Count now has this information for his revenge, and then leaves in apologies for poor Villefort. He then goes and sends a telegraph that drastically affects the stock market, and Danglars loses a lot of money because of it, another part of his revenge. The Will Maximilian goes to Monte Cristo, as promised, where the Count greets him. Maximilian says he thanks the Count for being the one who stayed with him until he died. The Count gives him a powder that Maximilian believes to be poison, but is momentarily knocked out. When he wakes up, Valentine is at his side, alive and well. The Count reunited them, hoping it would balance out his bad deeds. He asks Valentine if she would take care of Haydee, but Haydee insists that she stay with the Count. The Count agrees, and they go off and live together happily. Revival The Count has been silently watching over the Villefort's, because a lot of things have drastically changed. Valentine is ill in bed, her grandparents both poisoned, and she half ill from poison. The Count visited her at night, and told her to be aware of who is trying to poison her. She realizes that her mother, Mme de Villefort has been trying to kill her to get Noirtier's inheritance for Edward. The Count gives Valentine a pill that makes her seem dead, so that it appears Mme de Villefort's plan worked. Death The Count goes to see Villefort, who is going mad because everyone he loves is dying. Villefort shows the Count that Mme de Villefort killed Edward and herself since he had threatened to throw her in jail if she hadn't killed herself because of what she had done. When the Count sees their dead bodies, he realizes the awful things he's done, and flees with Max to Marseilles. While there, he sees Mercedes, who had just said goodbye to Albert, who left to go make a name for himself. He then says farewell to Maximilian, and says to meet him at Monte Cristo in one month, and then leaves. Regret Revenge The Truth The Count throws a party at his home, where Danglars is introduced to Andrea Cavalcanti, a rich, exotic young man. Now, the Count knows that Albert is betrothed to Eugenie, Danglar's daughter, but Danglars has doubts about agreeing to the marriage. He thinks Fernand's unknown history is a bad sign, and he is starting to consider whether Andrea might be a suitable fiance to Eugenie. The Count goes to see Danglars, and requires 5 million in cash. Unfortunately for Danglars, that money was supposed to go to the hospital, and that is all the money he had. He regretfully gives the Count the money, and then leaves France out of humiliation because he cannot give the donation any longer. The Count then goes to see Maximilian, who is about to kill himself from grief over Valentine. The Count reveals that he was the one that saved the Morrel family, and orders Maximilian not to kill himself for another month, till he can give something to Max that will restore his will to live. Revelations Scars One day, after sitting in jail for what felt like an eternity, Edmond heard a scratching sound from inside the wall. He was bored and curious, so he dug where he heard the noise. After a few days, the hole opened, and a man popped through. His name was Abbe Faria, and Edmond befriended him. Over a few years, Faria became a teacher to Edmond and taught him all the things he didn't know. Faria talked Edmond through who sent him to jail, and when he realized that Fernand and Danglars were the guilty ones, he filled with vengeance and swore to make them suffer. Faria and Edmond developed a plan of escape, and just as they were about to execute it, Faria was seized with a horrible attack. He knew he was going to die, so he told Edmond about a fabulous wealth that only he knew about. He told Edmond the location of the treasure, and died a few days later. Finish The first step of Edmond's plan begins with a disguise. He disguises as a priest and interrogates Caderrouse, his unhelpful neighbor who helped with the plot to throw him in jail. Here, he discovers that his father is dead, and that Mercedes married Fernand. Caderousse admits that he feels awful for what he had done to Edmond, so he decides to spare him. He then goes and disguises as an Englishman. He checks the prison register, to make sure that his true identity will not be revealed. One day, the Count sends one of his servants to the edge of the driveway with a rope, telling him that when a carriage with outrageous horses passes by, to lasso them and stop the carriage. A few minutes pass, and the carriage he described comes racing down the road. The servant stops the carriage, and the Count rushes over to help the frightened passengers. The woman and child inside the carriage were Mme de Villefort and her son, Edward. Edward is out cold, so he is rushed inside, where the Count gives him a medicine that revives him. Mme de Villefort is overjoyed, and is also curious of the prescription the Count used. He sends her and her son off, promising to speak with her again later about the medicine. The Count goes into one of the rooms of his house, where a Greek girl is resting. Her name is Haydee, and she is a servant of the Count. He talks to her about how she is, and what she is doing, and then leaves. He then goes to the home of Julie, Emmanuel, and Maximilian Morrel. Now, the Count had saved the Morrel's from a horrible debt, because Morrel was kind and generous to Edmond. They do not know that the Count had saved them, but the Count remembers well, and vowed to take care of them. Cavalcanti Albert comes to visit the Count, and discovers Haydee. He wants to meet her, and so the Count sits them down for tea, where Albert questions about Haydee's past. She describes her terrible childhood, and what happened to her father, Ali Pasha. The Count keeps trying to refrain her from saying the name of the man who had caused her so much pain, so she does not say the name, no matter how much Albert pleas. The Count is at the opera, when Albert storms in and challenges him to a duel. His father was publicly humiliated because he was found guilty of helping kill Ali Pasha. Albert had realized that the Count had known his father was the offender, and he wanted his revenge. The Count agrees to the duel and plans to kill the boy, until Mercedes intervenes. She pleads with the Count to not kill her son, and she knows that the Count is Edmond. He caves and agrees not to kill Albert, and they call it a truce. Fernand comes to the Count, knowing his son backed out of the duel. He questions why he did so, and why his son is such a coward. The Count defends Albert, and Fernand admits that he instinctively hates the Count. It is then that the Count reveals that he is Edmond Dantes. Fernands leaves in utter shock, rushes home, and then kills himself in his room.
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