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Civilization Project

city planning

Melanie Barron

on 17 May 2017

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Transcript of Civilization Project

The world has been through a devastating natural disaster! You and your neighbors are the only ones to have survived. You must now rely on what you learned in Social Studies to survive.
How will you get water?
Who will be in charge?
Where will you live?
How will you get food?
Imagine if everything you loved was gone when you woke up?
What would you do if where you went on weekends was all of the sudden buried in rubble?
Does that picture look like a good place to move?
How would you get there?
Would you stay in Kansas City?
Your family and neighbors are depending on you to use your knowledge to help them survive.
On your piece of paper include the following:
1. Name your city
2. Label rivers, lakes, landforms around you
3. Design your city's headquarters or government buildings.
4. Create a leader and laws for your people to follow
5. Create farm land and how you will water your crops (remember there is NO electricity or running water)
6. You must have an inset map of where you are living
7. Draw and label shops in your town
8. Draw and label houses
9. Draw and label the tools/technology you use
Missouri river
Gov’t buildings
Inset Map
Fruit trees
Where will your new home be?
You try to use your cell phone, TV and computers and nothing works... what would you do?
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