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anna ferrick

No description

Stephen Spizarny

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of anna ferrick

Causes of
World War I

By: Anna Ferrick
European nations competed for trade
in Africa, Asia and the pacific. 

Because of this, military was
stressed throughout Europe. 
By that i mean military
was key in those areas.
For self-protection and national
glory armies built up their militarizes. 
Military leaders gained great influence
in European governments  .
Arms races 
THEIR GUNS AND ammunition.  
They were building up arms races. 
by that they were growing in military and weapons.
Great power

European nations were forming alliances. 
Germany formed with Austria-Hungary  
France, Britain, and Russia pledged to alliance 
 This meant that any country that got involved their alliances would to. 
Nationalism boosted tension in the war .
In Balkan region different groups thought of braking free from Austria-Hungary  .
Any group leaving would start a major war  .
Assassination of
Franz Ferdinand
Immediate result to the start of world war I.  
Serbian-nationalist terrorist group
called the Black Hand sent troops to assassinate the Archduke  .
The first time was a failed attempt, the group threw a grenade at the car but the driver avoided it. 
People thought Serbia killed him so that started WWI.
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