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Community Mapping

No description

Morgan Crain

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Community Mapping

Community Mapping

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Expectations and Biases
MLK St. = "rough" neighborhood
Predominate Christian environment

Homes in disrepair = residents in poverty
Barred windows = high crime rate
Litter = uneducated civilians or youth

Not expecting a lot of diversity
Residents, Workers, and Volunteers
17 year old boy
High School football player
Family (Mom, Dad, daughter)
La Espiga Dorada Bakery employee
Convenience Store employee
Liquor Store employee
Volunteers from Endtime Evangelistic Pentecostal Church
Pastor from Endtime Evangelistic Pentecostal Church
Implications for Educators
Parents and children have a supportive community
Community members are willing to participate in school events
Churches are available to help with personal needs of families- teachers can refer families to a variety of churches in the area
Children live close to the school making home visits a feasible option
Close knit community to watch out for children on the streets before and after school hours
The local stores are great places to promote upcoming events because the majority of people in the community shop locally
Area Schools
Neal Elementary
Kindergarten through 5th Grade
Enrollment: 470 students
Principal: Linda Asberry (17 years at Neal)
According to the 2012 NCLB Report, scored above district and state in most categories
Exception: Special Education
Local Businesses
7 local businesses in the area
Barber shop
Hispanic Bakery
Has been in the area for 25 years
Open from 6 am-10 pm
Gas Station
Liquor Store
Family owned
Car Repair Shop
Formal Clothing Store
Funeral Home
Community Activities
• Church activity
Weekly children's ministry
Many buses for outreaches
• Neighborhood
• People walking down street
• Sitting outside
• Know their neighbors
• Open School Playground

Street Map
32 single family dwellings
Most were older homes that needed repair
Some were older homes that had been renovated
One home that was new and had a gated entry
2 duplex style homes
One duplex was 2-story and new
One duplex was 1-story, very old, and in great need of repair
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