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Padma's Critical Thinking Assignment: Bermuda Triangle

No description

Padma Maharaj

on 4 March 2011

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Transcript of Padma's Critical Thinking Assignment: Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle Notable Incident: Flight 19 Supernatural/Paranormal Explanations Alien Abduction Ghost Ships "Death Rays" from Atlantis - Some believe there are leftover magic crystals from the mythical lost continent of Atlantis.
- These crystals emit powerful energy rays that can disintegrate vehicles like planes/ships. Sea Monsters - Triangle is time warp in which people/ships/aircraft become trapped between dimensions, with no possible way out. (These disappearances are unintentional/accidental. Victims are in wrong place at wrong time). Time Warp - Some say compasses DON'T point to Geographic North in the Triangle
- Navigators have known for centuries that compasses have natural magnetic variations (due to tilt of Earth's axis).
- Magnetic and Geographic North are the same in very few places.
- Thus, those who are unaware of this fact may think there is something mysterious about a fluctuating compass in an area as vast as the Triangle. Natural theories... There is no physical evidence to support any supernatural theories! Criticisms - Why haven't we heard about pirates in the Bermuda Triangle? We know there is piracy elsewhere in the world (e.g. Somalia). - Catastrophic storms are bound to show up on weather radar systems. Since they don't, we can assume that they don't cause the mysterious disappearances in the Triangle. - The Bermuda Triangle sees high levels of traffic through the years, as do many other parts of the sea. Disappearances are purely coincidence, but due to the nature of past events, have been blown out of proportion and made to seem stranger than they actually are. The Triangle is no more dangerous than any other section of the ocean. - May lead to superstitious behaviour/obsession and the telling of false information to others. However, some of the Bermuda Triangle theories DO make sense. The Dangers of Believing in the Bermuda Triangle Theories: - The theories discussed in this presentation do not have nearly enough sufficient evidence to support them. Natural Explanations Bad Weather Piracy Underwater Bombs/Mines Unusual Magnetic Anomalies Gulf Stream Methane Hydrates "Rogue Waves" - Bombs & mines under the ocean (from past wars) detonate. - Bermuda Triangle is thought to be 1 of only 2 places on Earth where a compass points to Geographic North rather than Magnetic North.
- Many who have passed through the Triangle experience compass troubles (including Christopher Columbus!)
- Therefore, there they believe the area to contain a strange magnetic field. - Doctor Ben Clennell of Leeds University, England claimed that methane locked below the sea sediments in the Bermuda Triangle could explain the disappearances.
- Said subterranean landslides could unlock vast beds of methane hydrates.
- Large amounts of methane would reduce the density of the water and "make any ship floating above sink like a rock".
- Explained that the highly combustible gas could also ignite aircraft engines. - Removes traces of disasters, which explains why there are little signs of wreckage. - Giant methane bubbles at bottom of ocean become clogged.
- Pressure builds up & gas bursts out and quickly rises to the surface, creating huge tidal waves.
- Research shows that these waves are able to sink large ships. - Pilots who don't know where they're going will be wasting fuel while they look for land.
- Plane will eventually run out of fuel and crash into the water below.
- No trace of wreckage because the ocean is very deep. By the time rescue crews get to the location, aircraft would have sunk. Human Error Giant Whirlpools/Hurricanes - The cause of Flight 19 was originally classified as "Pilot error", but was later changed to "Causes or reasons unknown" after objection from the families of the pilots. This new status made the Bermuda Triangle even more intriguing! Definition - A region in the Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda, Miami, and Puerto Rico in which there have been numerous disappearances. Thanks for watching!
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