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Origins of attraction: sociocultural level of analysis

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Jordan Martin

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Origins of attraction: sociocultural level of analysis

Origins of attraction: sociocultural level of analysis
Jane Maag & Jordan Martin
Moghaddam (1993)
Much of the theory and research on the origins of relationships is a reflection of US culture
Goodwin (1995)
Matsumoto (2004)
Role of culture in the formation and maintenance of relationships
Gupta and Singh (1992)
Yelsma and Athappilly (1990)
Simmons et al. (1986)
Dion and Dion (1993)
Levine et al. (1995)
One of the largest cross-cultural studies on relationships ever undertaken
The degree of agreement in sex: mate selection preferences are universal, arising from different evolutionary selection pressures on both sexes
Buss (1994)
Individualistic and collectivist societies
The role of communication in maintaining relationships
SUPER important.
Attributional style
Levels of satisfaction with relationship and behavior towards each other
Bradbury and Fincham (1991, 1992, 1993)
Flora and Segrin (2003)
Longitudinal studies
Altman and Taylor
Social penetration theory: close relationships are formed by a gradual process of self-disclosure
Collins and Miller (1994)
Reis (1986)
Tannen (1990)
Festinger et al. (1950)
Nahemow and Lawton (1975)
Schachter (1959)
Zajonc et al. (1971)
Mere exposure effect
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