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My Experience at the Northwest Undergraduate Conference on Literature

No description

Amelia Liggett

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of My Experience at the Northwest Undergraduate Conference on Literature

How it all began The Process What is NUCL ? Requirements My Experience... Yes, this is the actual paper English 253: Survey of American Literature Three revisions...
requirements seemed intimidating
Began in October; ended in January
multiple conferences...
pulling out my hair...
thought about quitting My Experience at the Northwest Undergraduate Conference on Literature Hosted annually at the University of Portland
Open to University students and AP high school students
10 page limit (Groups are allowed to submit)
Papers must "embody your own, fresh response to an English or foreign language literary text, or texts"
Prizes and scholarships awarded for "hardest hitting papers" This year's theme: Keynote Address for 2013: "When Is Now?: Time in American Literature"

Met many students from schools across the Northwest and listened to their papers
Breakfast was catered by Starbucks...DELICIOUS
Ate an AWESOME lunch
Received an awesome certificate of participation
Felt accomplishment and pride By Amelia Liggett How in the world could Poe and Whitman be considered in the same paper...? Dr. Christine Harvey
Research Paper
Chose my own topic
...which, at first, I thought was a BAD idea And, yes, those are Dr. Harvey's revision suggestions..... "The Northwest Undergraduate Conference on Literature creates a professional atmosphere to promote student criticism and challenge student critics. NUCL gives undergraduate and advanced high school students an opportunity to present their own scholarly papers or creative works in organized panels of their peers. Students are able to share and discuss their knowledge through these presentations, and are encouraged to participate in the discussion of fellow NUCL papers. Aside from presenting their papers, and listening to papers written by their peers, students are invited to attend NUCL’s keynote speakers, who are noted academics and writers in the field of literature." "To talk in publick, to think in solitude, to read and to hear, to inquire, and to answer inquiries, is the business of a scholar."

—Samuel Johnson, Chapter VIII, The History of Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia
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