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The Path to Multimedia Success - Your New Business 2014

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Anne Pius

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of The Path to Multimedia Success - Your New Business 2014

The Path to Multimedia Success
Create Your Presence
Your business name should be easy and memorable.
Use a byline that says what you do.
That byline will be used everywhere you get publicity.

Business: Manny's Mowing
Byline: The Grass Grows Greener
Get Publicity by Creating
Free Multimedia Accounts
Wordpress ---Tumblr
Facebook --- Twitter
Instagram --- Pinterest
Google Sites

These accounts will take time to develop.
Ask for help from tech savvy friends!
Keep these accounts current (1x/week) to give your business legitimacy.
Use Hootsuite.com, a multimedia dashboard, which can send out the same message to many multimedia services at once.
Free Online Presentation Tools
Respect Copyright
Your New Business - 2014
Measure Your Results
Measure the effectiveness of your blog or website:

Google Analytics
- for FREE
like this will be helpful:

Create Your Own Survey
with a 'Google Form' with its own URL
Use a free Gmail account to set it up.
All responses will be populated on a separate spreadsheet.
More FREE Online Multimedia Tools

Photo Editing
: Pixlr.com - Fotor.com - ipiccy.com
Video Editing
: WeVideo.com (both photo & video content in one)
: Podbean.com
Recording Software
: Audacity.com (download for Windows)
Conver the file format
: online-convert.com
: Lucidpress.com or Piktochart.com
Create a blog:
Wordpress.com or Tumblr.com as your website
and post your multimedia content using these free tools.

Music Credit
Music: Giovanni Bonura - Ai Giorni di apAtiA -- jamendo.com
Presentation Created By
Anne Pius
Rule of Thumb:
Create your own material photos, text or use free and Open Source sites.

Best Practices:
Always give credit to the source of any material you use.
When in doubt, check the language of the law. Here is a good lead:

Suggestions for
Royalty-Free Photos
: sxc.hu
or Google images (labeled for re-use)
Suggestion for
Royalty-Free Music
: jamendo.com
Email Campaigns
Create good content
Develop a discerning
customer email list
free newsletter templates
Create classy newsletters.
Get feedback and measure the results with analytics.

Remember: You can
find tutorials
on any of these online tools by Googling them.
Want to create a slick online presentation that can be easily shared?

Google Presentations, Prezi, or Animoto
. Some require login, but all are free.

(This presentation was created and modified with Prezi using a template.)
Hint: Always keep a backup of all your material (photos, text, video in a folder on Google Drive (requires a Gmail account or on a flash drive).
Most of the services listed here (except Google Sites, will save automatically).
Need more help?
Always try Googling for help and tutorials at Google.com or take a multimedia course at a local college such as CCV. Two good class suggestions are
Intro to Internet Marketing
(CIS-1150) or
Intro to Multimedia Apps & Tools
(CIS-1045). Find more information at CCV.edu.


Contact Anne Pius, Multimedia Consultant
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