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Alec Reyes

on 22 October 2013

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Alec Reyes

Here are my pictures that I made for my gallery, all based on Surrealism.
Some Pictures of Surrealism
What is Surrealism?
Surrealism is an interesting type of art style that mainly focuses on the odd. It is a combination of different objects put together to make a weird object altogether. It can be drawn from dreams, and allows the artist to be able to express their emotions. Some known Surrealist Artists are: Jean Arp, Pablo Picasso, and Meret Oppenheim.
The Goal
The goal of my personal project was to be able to learn how to draw surrealism, and then create a gallery of artwork depicting that art style. This would be shown to my peers to see what they think.
Area of Interaction
My area of interaction for this project is Approaches to Learning, because it ties in with learning about a new art style and being able to show others how i could do it.
The topic of my project was about art. I decided to choose this as the base for my personal project, because this is a topic not many people notice, and relates a lot to the lives of those who are creative.
"The Egg Ride"
"The Sports Fanatic"
"Chairman of the Bored"
"A pear of a nose"
"The messenger's Shoes"
How was I able to do this?
This project required a lot of time and effort to complete. I had to do research on drawing, gathering materials, etc.
What have I learned from this project?
After completing this personal project, I now know a new art style to use for future drawings. I also have learned that you should NEVER procrastinate while doing an assignment, and you will be pleased with the outcome if you are organized.
I have been able to show other people something new about the world of art. This project helped me to get more involved with doing art work and shows how fun it can be.
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