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Transformational Ministry

Adult Bible Study 4/25/10

Mark Cook

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Transformational Ministry

Transformational Ministry Who was the most influential person in your faith life as you grew up? 7 Dynamics of faith development

#1) Mother who models the faith
#2) Father who models the faith
#3) Regular dialog w/ mother
#4) Regular dialog w/ father
#5) Regular dialog w/other adult
#6) Regular Bible reading/devotions
#7) Experience service with parent as action of faith. Luke 10:38-42
Mary and Martha Acts 6:1-7
Food and the Word James 2:14-17
Faith and Deeds Back to ministry: what is ministry?
Is ministry transformational, informational, …?
Diakonia -
ministry, service; contribution, help, support; mission
Diakoneo -
serve, wait on; care for, see after, provide for
Generic def 1 tim 4:11 More specific Acts 6:1
2 Corinthians 9:12
2 Corinthians 8:4 Are adolescents basically the same as they were 30 years ago except with a different style of clothing, or is there something fundamentally different?
Give evidence to support your claim.

Chap Clark, p. 46
p. 171 The only qualification an adult needs is the willingness and fortitude to authentically care. Once this foundation is laid, adults can focus on the three specific needs of midadolescents:
1) Youth need refocused, nurturing organizations and programs.
2) Youth need stable and secure loving presence.
3) Youth need to experience authentic, intimate relationships with adults.

p. 183
Research has consistently demonstrated that several positive and supportive relationships that offer the same messages must be present to have an effect on the life of a child. If a child has a mentor who is gentle, supportive, and affirming during a weekly encounter, yet the rest of the week he hears that he is lazy, stupid, and incompetent, the negative voices will win out. One fan, even a great one, is not enough.
How are we Mary or Martha in the church? How are you Mary or Martha in the lives of your children, co-workers? What What What What does this mean for S.S., confirmation, youth ministry? Ministry in Action Apply to everyone 22 and under in the congregation
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