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The Invention and Innovations of the Microwave

This will include the invention and innovations of the microwave

TJ Kilcullen

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of The Invention and Innovations of the Microwave

By: Nick Herrington and TJ (the awesome) Kilcullen The Invention and Innovation of the Microwave Percy Spencer was the inventor of the Microwave Oven in the year 1946. He was testing a new vacuum tube, when he noticed that the chocolate bar in his pocket had melted. He then tested the tube with an egg, and the egg actually EXPLODED!! He made a box and fed the microwave energy into it. When the energy couldn't escape, it created a higher density electromagnetic field. Therefor cooking the food in a short amount of time. INVENTION The microwave window was invented in 1967 by Robert Henry McFarland. This allowed people to see the food they were cooking. The plasma microwave was invented in 1999 by Michael A. Pennington. It uses a plasma heat source instead of a magnatron. Innovations The first model was 750 pounds and six feet tall. It was five thousand dollars, and was not widely popular do to space and money disadvantages. The first radarange microwave was made by Raython and cost two to three thousand dollars. It was also stored in a refrigerator sized cabinet. First Consumer Microwave Two years later they developed the first counter top model, it was 100 volts, cost 500 dollars, and was safer and cheaper. Now in current day, the biggest microwave invention is the Nuwave. This is smaller and more effective then the current day microwave oven, and can cook objects up to 12 pound turkeys. Progression Some beginning ideas include a grilling device, hologen lamps, light wave instead of mircowaves, infared rays, heating rays, and even a built in coffee maker. Some of these were kept but some were not used, though they were all patented. Some Original Ideas http://www.gallawa.com/microtech/history.html

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_wU8Yh3yBlZc/TUvOti-A57I/AAAAAAAAAKU/yXW-ii17LXk/s1600/insideamicrowave.gif Sources
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