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Stacking & Reclaiming Equipment

No description

Vihar Erda

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Stacking & Reclaiming Equipment

TECHNICAL PRESENTATION Reclaiming Equipment Stacking Equipment By
VIHAR ERDA Cardinal Rule-4
means stacking of material to form a stockpile RECLAIMING
means recovery of materials from a stockpile SAFETY MOMENT Reasons for Stockpiling Raw Coal To provide buffer storage against uneven mine output for continuity of production
For homogenization or plant feed blending of varied quality of coals coming out of different seams of a coal mine Reasons for Stockpiling Product Coal To provide buffer storage for intermittent train loading for transport to port
For homogenization or blending of different quality of processed coal coming out of the Coal Processing Plant (CPP) before shipping to end customer A large bulk handling machine which is used to stack coal to form a stockpile Introduction to
STACKING EQUIPMENT or a STACKER Mangoola Raw Coal Stockpile Disadvantages Advantages TYPES OF STACKERS FIXED STACKER Low capital cost
Low operating & maintenance costs
Simple operating & control system Limited Capacity of forming a stockpile Disadvantages Advantages RADIAL STACKER Lowest capital cost among moving stackers
Much larger stockpile as compared to a fixed stacker Provides a radial stockpile from which reclaim of coal is difficult
Difficult to segregate product types A Stacker with a cantilevered conveyor, pivoted along tail end and providing a kidney bean shaped stockpile A conveyor on a cantilever gantry Mangoola Product Stockpile Multi-armed Fixed Stacker Advantages Disadvantages A stacker with radial arms being fed from the center point and providing multiple stockpiles Allows stockpiling of different products separately Requires constant dozer pushout for reclaim Advantages Disadvantages TRAVELLING STACKERS A cantilevered conveyor mounted on a rail mounted traveling tripper. The tripper inturn travels longitudinally over a yard conveyor. Wide variety of stockpile sizes and shapes can be produced by using various combinations of fixed or luffing boom, and/or slewing or non-slewing boom High Capital Cost
Highly Complex System LUFFING STACKER Disadvantages Advantages Traveling stacker where the boom can move vertically up and down Allows minimization of dust nuisance by reducing the height of fall
Allows for creation of longitudinal conical stockpile, which allows for easy reclaim High capital costs
Requires complex control systems
Requires collision detection systems THANK YOU Any Questions ??? SLEWING STACKER Disadvantages Advantages A traveling stacker where the boom can move horizontally, by rotating along vertical axis at the pivot point along tail end Allows formation of 2 stockpiles, one each on either side of the yard conveyor High capital costs
Requires complex control systems
Requires collision detection system A large bulk handling machine which is used to reclaim coal from a stockpile Introduction to
Reclaiming Equipment Coal valves on a reclaim tunnel which are used to reclaim coal from underneath a stockpile RECLAIMER RECLAIM TUNNEL with COAL VALVES RECLAIM TUNNEL with COAL VALVES A steel arched tunnel with coal valve chambers, each housing a drawdown hopper and hydraulically actuated slide gate and/or a vibratory feeder
Coal valves feed a conveyor inside the tunnel which inturn feeds the train loadout bin Advantages Disadvantages RECLAIM TUNNEL with COAL VALVES Simpler operation
Simpler control system as compared to traveling reclaimers
Low capital and operating cost Due to restricted access within the tunnel, maintenance is difficult
Reliance on dozers to periodically push coal onto the coal valves Advantages Disadvantages BUCKET WHEEL STACKER/RECLAIMER Similar to traveling stackers except that it has a bucket wheel at the discharge end for reclaiming purposes Combined functionality of stacking as well as reclaiming
Offers maximum flexibility in operation when combined with luffing and slewing mechanisms
High reclaim capacity from 800 t/h to 6000 t/h High capital costs
Extremely complex control system PORTAL TYPE SCRAPER RECLAIMER Disadvantages Advantages This reclaimer reclaims from one side of the stockpile. The reclaimer boom is lowered until the scraper flights engage in the material while the portal reclaimer moves along the stockpile length. Low cost as compared to bucket wheel reclaimer Can reclaim only from one side of the stockpile, hence causing size segregation BRIDGE TYPE RECLAIMER BRIDGE TYPE RECLAIMER Advantages Similar to portal type reclaimer but operates across the entire stockpile cross-section Disadvantages Can uniformly reclaim from both sides of stockpile cross-section, unlike portal reclaimer Lacks flexibility as compared to slewing luffing bucket reclaimer SUMMARY Definitions of Stacking & Reclaiming Stacking means stacking of material to form a stockpile
Reclaiming means recovery of material from a stockpile Different types of Stackers & Reclaimers Types of Stackers
Fixed Stackers
Radial Stackers
Travelling Stackers
Luffing Stackers
Slewing Stackers
Types of Reclaimers
Reclaim Tunnel with Coal Valves under stockpile
Bucket Wheel Reclaimer
Portal type Reclaimer
Bridge type Reclaimer
Advantages and disadvantages of various stacking and reclaiming equipment
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