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Symbolism in The Hunger Games

Use this presentation to guide you through 13 symbols found in the novel, The Hunger Games. There are descriptions of how each symbol is used in the book to help you develop what the items have come to symbolize.

Danielle Williams

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Symbolism in The Hunger Games

DANDELION Katniss sees Peeta in school and is reminded of how he saved her life by giving her the bread. Then, she notices a dandelion and remembers that her dad taught her which plants were safe to eat (dandelions are one of the most nutritious plants you can eat). She sees a dandelion again after she chucks the cookies Peeta's dad gave her out of the train window (foreshadowing that she can survive). BREAD When they were 11 years old, Peeta burns two loaves of bread on purpose so he could throw them to Katniss to feed herself and her family. Symbols in Mockingjay (the mutation) The Capital's mutated jabberjay male birds (who were left to die) that mated with mockingbirds to make one helpful creature: the Mockingjay. Mockingjay Pin Madge gives it to Katniss as a district token to wear during the Games. It reminds Katniss of her father's singing because the mockingjays loved his voice and would copy his song. The Silent Salute When Katniss volunteers for Prim at the reaping, the citizens of District 12 give her the three-finger to the lips "silent salute." The silent salute is seen later in the novel and the series when support for Katniss increases across the districts. The Hunger Games THE WOODS Katniss first learns to hunt in the woods with her father. After he dies, she starts to go into the woods by herself (after seeing the dandelion) and learns how to survives. She also finds Gale for a hunting partner and friend. KATNISS' OUTFITS Cinna creates her outfits to resember burning embers and fire. He nicknames her "Katniss, the girl who was on fire." Fire itself is a symbol for change; it also represents renewal, passion, anger, destruction, and sacredness. RUE Rue is the 12-year old District 11 tribute who reminds Katniss of her little sister, Prim. This is just another reminder to Katniss of how unfair and inhumane the Games actually are! RUE'S FLOWERS After Rue dies, Katniss believes Rue deserves to be honored with flowers and she collects whites, yellow, and violet colored flowers. She decorates Rue's body and all around her with them. She thinks back to Peeta's statement that he wanted to make a difference, not to be just a "pawn" in the Capitol's games. This is Katniss' way of telling the Capitol that Rue was somebody -- an innocent little girl with a family and people who loved her, not just a pawn. THE FENCE The fence is often used throughout the story, and is mostly seen in District 12. The Capitol tells its citizens that the fence is meant to protect people from danger and animals coming into the district. Not all people think the fence is meant to just protect them though. KATNISS' BRAID Katniss' mom was the first to put her hair in the braid that became famous. It was a staple of Katniss' identity. Katniss kept her hair that way from the reaping all the way through the Games. information taken from Tracee Orman's lesson on symbolism: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Hunger-Games-Novel-Setting-Symbolism-Map-of-Panem-Theme Created by D.Williams
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