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Taken By: Norah McClintock

Two girls have recently disappeared near the town where Stephanie lives, and there is talk of a serial killer. She is concerned but is sure that it could never happen to her. But then it does. Tied up and alone, she manges to escape.

Ahmad Mitoubsi

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of Taken By: Norah McClintock

Taken Characters
Stephanie- the girl that got kidnapped
Trish- Steph's mother
Greg- Trish's boy friend
Allison- Steph's friend Two girls have recently disappeared
near the town where Stephanie lives. They have been saying it is a serial killer. Steph is worried but is sure nothing would happen to her. Though it does and she is kidnapped. Top Three Features When Steph got kidnapped
she was walking home from
Allison's and was made from
her mom
When she is in the woods
When they are finding the
serial killer Three features that frustrated me where The broken chain
The bloody shirt
The cabin in the
middle of nowhere Summary Passage

Recommendation If you like mysteries, you'll definitely like this book!
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