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The Use of Media in Lanaguge Teaching

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Nidal Maasarani

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of The Use of Media in Lanaguge Teaching

The Use of Media in Language Teaching
by Donna M. Brinton

Definition of Media
The Large "M" media:
The most immediate connotation " M" can be the technological innovations in language teaching, of mechanical paraphernalia, and the glossy, polished audiovisual aids- with all the media anxiety that these can conjure up in teachers.
Examples on "M"
Power point Presentations/ CDs/ IPads/ Laptops/ Smart Board / facebook/ etc.
The small "m"
teacher made stuff, non-mechanical aids or props
The large " M" & the small "m".
Examples on "m"

paper plate, hand puppets, charts,

cereal boxes, travel pamphlets etc
A Rational for using Media in Language Teaching

Q: Are you with or against using Media in language teaching?

Statement 1:
I'm all thumbs! I can't use media!

Statement 2:
My school district has no budget for media!
Statement 3:
I have no time to prepare media materials of my own!
Statement 4:

The syllabus I teach from is too tightly structured to allow for media materials to be brought into the classroom!
Statement 5:
I teach advanced levels and therefore don't need to use media!
As for the 1st two Statements:

The teachers who said so seem to believe that Media can only be the large "M" we've discussed. In fact, classroom media needs none of "M"; Teachers-produced nonthreatening to both Ts and Ss.
As for Statement 3:

Hand made materials do not consume lots of time, as the preparation itself takes time. Add to this, "M" materials are ready and can serve for new audiences each year, and are plentiful in the market.
As for Statement 4:

This holds a misunderstanding of Media use. On the contrary, Media can form a viable point of departure for achieving lesson objectives. Media appeal to the SS senses and help them process information.
As for statement 5:

Language skills are not isolated entitles, and language Ts need to build bridges between skills. This can be done by creating a unified context in which the teaching of various skills is effectively integrated around media.
Thus, media plays an essential motivator in the language teaching process:

a. Audiovisual materials provide Ss with content, meaning and guidance.

b. Media materials can lend authenticity to the classroom situation, reinforcing for the Ss the direct relation between language classroom and the outside world.

c. Since learning styles differ, media gives more chance for auditory and visual learners.

d. Ss are no more dependent on their T's dialect.
Despite the fact the "m" materials are effective and helpful, Now, there proves to be a huge shift to use the " M" materials. with the pleasure of all technological techniques included.
To get the most benefit of this "M", Ts should keep in mind that it is promptly that they get introduced to all these techniques ahead time, and be well prepared and able to use them appropriately in class and in the most constructive way.
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