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Kelli Pedersen

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Island Bryce Bachelor owns his own gym, called Globo-Gym. He then buys another location and starts a franchise on the island.
Niema Beglari is a professional basketball player on the island, aspiring to be the next Dirk.
Bryce Bingham is a politician, going around town gaining the votes of the people.
Joshua Castillo works as a chef on the island, preparing gourmet cuisine.
Melanie uses her surprising number of handcuffs by serving on the police force. Education The government requires eleven years of public education. After those eleven years, students can pursue a private education through film school or a public education to pursue another field. Joan Garcia is a virtual gold farmer, farming and selling gold to nerds on World of Warcraft.
Jade Khan works as a golf ball diver, collecting golf balls that landed in the water.
Leah works as a rancher and farmer, known as a cowpuncher, using her Wranglers, boots, and knowledge of animal breeding techniques to create a working farm.
Danielle is a teacher on the island, manipulating her students which she referenced as underlings.
Madison Lusby is a pet detective, uncovering the mysteries of lost pets. Law Enforcement The government created sets of laws for the people to abide by. They instituted courts to give punishments for crimes, as well as law enforcement services, such as the police. Sydney is a chick sexor, uncovering the sex of baby chicks after being born.
Ercilia is a fortune cookie writer, creating various cliches for people to read.
Kyle serves as a judge, known for his ruthless punishment of teen drivers.
Matt works as a quality inspector, testing the validity of various products.
Joy is a Braille translator and queen of the island, who demands to be worshiped like a God.
Kate is a fairy godmother, granting wishes to residents on the island.
Jordyn works as a CEO of a company, making bank.
Mandi is a lawyer, often presenting cases in Kyle's court.
Kelli work as a doctor at the local hospital. Monetary System Mickey money is used around the island to purchase goods and services. The island specializes in the film and entertainment industry. Producing high-class movies and shows, specifically for children. Entertainment rides and attractions cover the island for the amusement of the residents. The government is not involved in business and the island has a free-market economy. Flag One can keep the underglow of their car on during the night.
One has the right to attend off-campus lunch without being signed out.
One has the right to collaborate during tests.
One has the right to wear clothing not off of the shoulder without be considered "inappropriate".
One has the right to use straws as a weapon of self defense.
One has the right to skip annual field days.
One has the right to judge without being judged in return.
One must honor the queen and follow her orders. Constitution Where dreams come true One cannot escape the island. If one escapes from the island they will be sent back to the island.
One cannot wear an ID tag. If one wears an ID tag, they will be banished to Siberia.
One cannot be required to take Spanish. If one takes Spanish, Ninfa will be their teacher.
One cannot read the works of Peter Stearns. If one reads the works of Peter Stearns, they will have their fingers cut off by the guillotine.
Schools cannot use Sadlier-Oxford vocabulary books. If schools use that program, the books will be burned.
Schools cannot have the Odyssey as a required reading. If a teacher uses the Odyssey, they will be bound to serfdom.
One cannot complete a summer assignment. If one completes a summer assignment, they will become a peasant laborer.
One cannot participate in Bookfest. If one participates, they will face the guillotine.
Mustang Minutes are not allowed. If Mustang Minutes are implemented, an intervention will be held. Another form of currency is gum for the exchange of goods and services. Map Capital-Walt Agriculture and Farming Entertainment/ Urban Center Trade Film/ Entertainment Urban Center/ Home to Capital Regions Animal Kingdom
Magic Kingdom
MGM Studios Laws Business Kelli Pedersen
Jordyn Arendse
Kate Biebighauser
Joy Biebighauser
Mandi Routon
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