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ancient rome

No description

brenden cropper09

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of ancient rome

ancient rome the begining rome started in 700bce by a man named romoulis geography rome started around the tiber river romoulus (the founder of rome) and his brother were in a baket
floating down the tiber river. rome is a penninsula a penninsula is a land with water on tree sides roman legends according to legend 2 children romulous and his brother remus son of mars the god of all war were tricked by there uncle and put an a basket, they floated down the tiber river and eventually escaped. then along came a mother wolf who had just had cubs. she let them suckle to get food. they were raised by wolves until one day both of them had cities of their own. one day they got into an argument about who was better so romulous killed remus. remuses city was eventualy conquered. warfare
rome was supposed to have the most advanced army in eastern europe. the training was harsh and failure was punnishable by death. the recruits were to be at the front of the army to give them confidense. the most powerful force the romans had was the legion lead by legatous rome has different types of geography depending on where you live,
if you live in the city the geography is warm limestone walkways and concrete walls but if you live out in the farmland its dirt paths and dusty fields. poor get more powerful republic twelve tables the twelve tables were the first written law code patrisians tribune plebians the republic was a type of roman democracy that you vote for a representative and they vote for the laws the noble families of rome an official lead by pleabians to protect their iterests the poor families in rome nhruhgurhgur hr kfvkfnbf the roman republic the roman republic was a type of republican democrasy. it all started around 509bce and lasted over 450 years. roman republic the roman republic started around 509bce early in its history the roman republic was controlled by an aristocrasy of individuals who could trace their family history back to the early history of the kingdome. during the first two centuries the republic saw its territori expand from central italy to the entire mediterranian world
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