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Mariam Dib Law In Action Commerce

No description

Mariam Dib

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Mariam Dib Law In Action Commerce

Law In Action By Mariam Dib Articles relating to
Law in Action... Justifications & Problems of
the following reasons
and punishments... Reform &
Rehabilitation Retribution Deterrence The Police Article Two Article Three Article One Criminal Law Law in Action Civil Law Criminal & Civil Law Law involving cases where the
government has declared some
action to be illegal, this is
known as Criminal Law.

Stealing is an example of Criminal Law,
stealing is the term used when a person
takes another persons property
without permission or a legal right. Civil Law deals with non-criminal
matters involving disputes between
individuals and organizations.

Not paying your bills/rent is an
example of Civil Law. Rent is the payment
that is made to the landlord for use
of property or land. This article relates to the element of law known as Criminal Law, the article shows Jill Meagher a 29 year old female disappeared after she was raped and murdered. The 41 year old man who murdered her and caused offense is named Adrian Ernest Bayley. This had occurred on a Saturday 22nd of September, near Sydney rd. Brunswick.

Adrian Ernest Bayley had murdered Jill causing him to have both Actus reus and Mens rea. Criminal Law relates to this article due to the fact that Mr Bayley has murdered young innocent Jill Meagher, as the law shows that murder, rape or stabbing of another is known as Criminal Law and it causes charges, however Adrian Bayley is willing to fight the charges of murdering her. A witness testified that she heard a woman say “Get out of there” where Jill had been attacked. Mr Bayley whom was accused of a crime is reasonably guilty though stable as he fights charges. This articles relates to the element of law known as Civil Law, this shows two elderly men Ron Payne, 70 year old and his younger brother Col, 63 have been living in their department of housing cottage for more than 68 years.

Until they were given no other choice than last year to move out, they couldn’t maintain the cost as it rose higher every year paying for rent. Civil Law is the meaning of non-criminal matters as it only includes individuals and their properties paying for bills etc. In this case Both Payne brothers could not afford to keep up with their rent as they are now being evicted and put state in a two bedroom unit in Adamstown away from Stockton beach. Their cottage they have been evicted from rents for about $300 a fortnight, As the Civil Law rules stay intact they fight that it is unfair and the brothers now are seeking help with Housing NSW to find them alternative accommodation in Stockton. This article relates to the element of Law known as Criminal Law, Witness, The arrest procedure and both Actus Reus and Mens Rea. This all are included in the murder of a 17 year old teenager named Eden Delir was left unconscious nearby a house on Halloween last year he was involved in a fight that caused serious injuries there were many Witnesses that were involved and stood near the fight, after he was sent to Liverpool hospital in a critical condition he passed away six days later from the injuries that occurred.

After investigation the arrest procedure was used as the police arrested the 16 year old murderer at Edensor Park. He was in use of both Actus Reus and Mens Rea as he reached the police station guilty of the death of Eden. His lawyer requested and adjournment until a few weeks after, though there are witnesses they were used to find the guilty murderer as he is trying to bail out of this situation. The civil force of a federal or local government, responsible for the prevention and
detection of crime and the
maintenance of public order. The term Retribution is the act of punishing or taking vengeance for wrongdoing.

This term can change someone by punishing them for doing wrong things as it is and they can change or stop the habit of theirs.

If the person is not punished from wrongdoing they will keep repeating the act over and over again.
The act or a meaning of deterring, measures taking by a state or an alliance of states to prevent hostile action by another state ongoing.

States coming together in situation that can be caused through life or death chances is a meaningful way for them to connect.

Not being an Alliance with another state can cause negative thoughts towards that and if the state needs help in situations of the law they would not have anyone to comply about.
Law is a system or collection of rules that one understands and stands by those rules. Protection of the Community Who/what are the Police? Rehabilitation is a treatment designed to facilitate the process of recovery as for the term reform is to change self for the better

The term rehabilitation and reform can change a person to become better by recovery of themselves, changing their life decisions to be a good person.

One Problem of the terms if they would not change themselves for the positive influences they would stay being a low person who does not wish to move on. Protecting people in a certain suburb or town using police force and protection of their lives.

Protecting citizens is a honour, for example the police protecting civilians this is by doing their duties and this keeps the community protected and safe.

The protection of the community can cause the protector in other words police officer to be put in danger while protecting the community.
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http://search.news.com.au/search?us=ndmdailytelegraph&as=DTM&q=eviction http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/year-old-charged-with-murder-of-eden-delir-fronts-court/story-e6freuy9-1226072997324
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