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Fred Veilleux

No description

Drea Nadeen

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of Fred Veilleux

Work Cited
* https://www.connexus.com/extra/ThirdPartyProviders/perfection_Learning/multicultural_II_ebook/#?page=364

*Fred Veilleux wrote,
Indians are a People, Not Mascots
because he wanted to get rid of Indian mascots because it was very offensive and others felt embarrassed
*Having an Indian mascot is a big issue among sports teams especially within school teams
*Fred wanted people to realize not only is having a Native American Indian as a mascot is also humiliating.
*"War-whooping student-fan struck him as mockery of his ethnicity and religious beliefs." (Veilleux pg.363)
*In 1987 colleagues of his attended a football game and were offended after seeing a kid running around dressed like an
"Indian" showing school spirit.

*Fred Veilleux's audience was mainly suppose to be students, parents, staff members, school board members.
*The audience ended up expanding nationwide as people started to get word of how offensive this was.
*Fred Veilleux's story, "Indians Are a People, Not Mascots" may be considered persuasive because he was trying to convince the school to ban Native American mascots and get people to help partake in his attempt.
Fred Veilleux
By: Drea Casares
English 3A
Unit 1-Lesson 11

Fred Veilleux Bio

* Fred took part in protests to get rid of Indian mascots.
*He is a Chippewa Indian.
*He is most famous for writing, Indians are a People, Not Mascots.
*Fred was considered an Indian activist.
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