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Allegiance Health & U-M Health System Proposed Affiliation

An online presentation of goals and next steps for the proposed affiliation. For more information, visit http://www.uofmhealth.org/allegiance

Kara Gavin

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Allegiance Health & U-M Health System Proposed Affiliation


What's proposed
Allegiance to become part of U-M
Strengthen Allegiance's long tradition of high-quality care & service to the community
Expand on existing cooperation between Allegiance and the U-M Health System (UMHS)
Allegiance becomes part of UMHS network
Allegiance maintains its own board, with community representation
Allow both health systems to thrive in a rapidly changing & challenging health care environment

Partners for strength
What each system brings to the proposed affiliation
The goal: Right care,
right place, right time
Our proposal:
To keep local care
local, while giving
patients access to coordinated care
at the appropriate location & time.

Outpatient primary & specialty care
Community hospital
University hospital
Long-term care
Next steps
Letter of intent
Toward the
Signed Dec. 2 by Allegiance and
U-M Health System

Sets stage for...
Due diligence
Over the coming months, both health systems will work out the details of a proposed affiliation & work together to meet regulatory requirements.
Depending on outcome,
this could lead to...

Signing of an
affiliation agreement
If signed, it would allow Allegiance to become part of U-M, and set the framework for shared governance, operations and investment.
Potential benefits
Of the proposed Allegiance & UMHS affiliation
Meet the challenges of rapidly changing health care environment
Use technology & clinical data to improve care
Design new ways of delivering care across settings
Invest in clinical programs & facilities
Improve efficiency for continued financial strength
Serve patients & the community better

Nearly 100 years of
serving Jackson area

Broad range
of care across many settings

Community focus
National leader in patient care, research & education

Healthcare resource for the entire state

Part of a
strong public

Quality health care for all

Established cooperation

Population health
To learn more
and www.uofmhealth.org
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