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What is Down Syndrome?

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room 602

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of What is Down Syndrome?

By, Shelby What is Down Syndrome? Effects of Down Syndrome Educating Peter Here are some effects of down syndrome. Down syndrome in children Peter Gwazdauskas is a boy with down syndrome. Down syndrome in adults They Include... Thyroid Problems, hearing problems, bone, muscle, and/or joint problems... ...some intellectual disabilities, leukemia and other cancers, heart diseases... ...developmental Delays, seizure disorders... And a whole lot more. Some effects range from mild to severe, others from mild to moderate. The Documentary Educating Peter Children with down syndrome have to cope with many difficulties. One difficulty is that people don't understand them. For example, people think that they are always happy because they smile a lot. They in fact, have feelings that are more complex than those of a normal child. People also think that they don't understand what they are saying when they do. If you say something hurtful, they will be hurt. Problems that adults with down syndrome experience are housing, life after high school, and employment. Adults with down syndrome often need someone to help them. They will do things like encourage them to go to work. In fact... ... my grandpa used to work for one of those organizations. One of his clients had down syndrome. His name was John. He would do things like buy bags of candy and eat it all. My grandpa was there to help when things like that happened. Conclusion Educating peter is a documentary about a boy with down syndrome's first year in a normal classroom. It is in fact the reason I chose this topic for my science report. It's interesting to see how he adapts to a normal classroom with normal classmates. He makes many friends and is accepted into his classroom. The End! The Basic Facts Down syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by an error in the chromosomes. The 21st chromosome is copied, resulting in 47 chromosomes instead of the normal 46. The three different types of down syndrome are called Trisomy 21(most common), Mosaicism, and Robertsonian Translocation. Down syndrome is a disorder in which a person has a copy of chromosome 21, resulting in 47 chromosomes instead of the normal 46. Some effects of Down syndrome are intellectual disabilities, leukemia, and eye problems. Children with Down syndrome have complex feelings and are often misunderstood. Adults with Down syndrome have problems with life after high school, housing, and employment. The documentary Educating Peter is the reason I chose this subject for my report.
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